Haryana | A Class 12 Student Murders Her School Principal on Parent Teacher Meeting Day

Haryana’s schools are now growing as the new crime spots with juveniles involving in it. Recently, a case of a class 12 student allegedly killing his school principal was surfacing last weekend. The incident took place at Swami Vivekanand School, Yamunanagar, Haryana when the alleged 18-year-old student fired four shots from the gun with a .32 bore at the school principal, Ritu Chhabra (47).

Why was school Principal shot by  student

The firing took place at around 12 pm when the victim was in her office and there was a parent-teachers meet going on in the school. The accused student shot the four bullets that hit her in the stomach, chest and shoulder and the sound of the firing caught everyone’s attention on the campus. The parents present inside the school caught hold of the accused who was trying to flee from the spot who was later handed over to the police.

Meanwhile, the victim, school principal Ritu Chhabra was rushed to the hospital where she breathed her last due to critical injuries. According to the Superintendent of Police (SP), the reason behind the killing was rustication of the student with alleged involvement in this case from the school by the principal due to his misconduct. The student is a 18-year-old studying commerce. The accused is now in the police custody and is being interrogated. In the initial investigation, the student told police that he was upset about being reprimanded a few time, which was humiliating for him in front of the entire class and the school. The accused had a grudge against the school principal and therefore killed her.

More in the principal killing case 

After the preliminary investigation, it was learned that on the day of the incident, the accused was supposed to go for his tuitions but he went to the school, instead. There he met the principal and came out of her office once and then again went to her office when he fired at her.

The weapon used in the killing belonged to the father of the accused. It was a licensed revolver, which he stole from his father’s cupboard. The student has confessed his guilt and will now be presented in front of the court next week.

Source: hindustantimes.com


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