Congress Party Worker, Shivanand Hulyalkar Shows How Kindness & Benevolence Can Speak For Itself

His good deeds are winning hearts of people from Pune and many other cities of Maharashtra

When there is kindness and goodwill in your blood, you do not need to shout it out loud to people and boast about it; it is something that is naturally shown through your attitude and good deeds. Unfortunately, very few in this world are blessed with such pure qualities who only think about the welfare of others and also put equal efforts to bring about a positive change in their lives. We are lucky to know of a humble man who understands people, he is all heart and has only one aim in mind, to make the society a better place to live in and be the positive change for others; he is Mr. Shivanand Hulyalkar.

Hulyalkar has been working with Congress for the past 15 years now and since the beginning has been doing several benevolent works for all the people in need from Pune and other parts of Maharashtra and has even been the guiding light, working for his community called the Lingayat community.

Some superheroes are also without capes because their noble heart is enough to reach all those people in need and be of help to them in whatever little way possible and Hulyalkar has proved to be that hero in people’s lives who has tried to help them in every difficult situation, making them stronger than ever by being on their side like a rock.

The All India Congress party Media Coordinator, Hulyalkar decided to not celebrate his birthday this year which was on June, 15th as he thought this year he must celebrate it by surrendering himself completely to social work on the ground level to reach more people and help them in their struggles. Saving money and collaborating with NGOs, Hulyalkar helped 2,500 people from the slums with ration for two months and other daily essentials. He has shown what ground-level work actually is by standing on the traffic signal and distributing 10,000 masks to people, including bike riders, boot polishers, slum dwellers, etc.

The party worker has even made efforts to organize blood donation camps for people by ensuring all the guidelines of social distancing have been taken care of. Till now, this humble man has also helped many people reach their hometowns by making adequate provisions for them, providing a travel pass by contacting the Police Commissioner and the DM. For patients and people in need, Hulyalkar has helped them by facilitating hospital beds, ambulances and other essential services. Under his leadership, his party workers have put into enormous efforts to fight the battle against coronavirus by carrying out ground-level activities in Pune and many other places in Maharashtra.

As the Rashtriya Congress Party Spokesperson, Hulyalkar has also submitted an application to many esteemed leaders and ministers for appealing to them to remove the ban on maids and daily workers in Pune so that they get their deserved work and start earning again for their families. He has even appealed to waive off entire Maharashtra’s electricity bill as it could be of great help to the working class and others. Hulyalkar said that the same issue has been discussed already in the Cabinet and he is confident that a positive solution is what would be given soon.

The kind of work this gentleman and Congress Party worker has been doing is beyond commendable, and something that can surely inspire many out there in the society as a whole.


Ajay Deep

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