Meet Daz Sidhu: An ace fitness coach and expert transforming lives of millions

If there has been one aspect of life which many humans have neglected for a long period of time then it certainly has to be Health. In our ultra-fast paced life, hardly any individuals have got time to focus on the physical and mental well-being. Inadvertently, health becomes one aspect which does not get the necessary time and attention of the people and often ends up catastrophic for them. So often we come to know that younger age group of people are affected by many life-threating diseases, all sums up to not maintaining their health and fitness levels and sedentary lifestyle also to be blamed. Hence it is of utmost importance that one should focus on their diet, health, and fitness to save them from many life threating diseases as well as maintain healthy living. In the current era there have been more awareness among masses about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good physique to make people more understand about the gravity of the current situation. We met one health advocate,  astute fitness coach and expert named Daz Sidhu who has been extremely helpful and instrumental in changing the lives of many millions.

Born and brought up in Punjab, India, Daz Sidhu like every other kid in his town decided to migrate overseas for further studies after completing his schooling. After shifting to New Zealand in the year 2011 at mere 18 years of age, Daz studied full-time and worked part-time at McDonald’s. After completing his business Diploma, Daz worked full-time neglecting his health a lot. Fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer and giving back to his community, Daz hustled day and night and trained at a local gym. After sustaining a knee injury, he had to postpone his police application, which pushed him to finally graduate in 2018. But joining the gym and training was something that Daz fell in love with. His passion and interest for physical training and fitness grew stronger day by day which catapulted him in many ways to start his own fitness center named DSFN.

DSFN is a one of a kind integrated fitness center that offers a wide plethora of personalized fitness programs for one and all. Their life changing training programs, home or gym-based have done wonders for many millions. Daz also provides nutritional plans and diets to offer people an overall fitness regime that they can follow to attain the goals they seek in fitness.

Daz wishes to bring about a big impact on the community and hope to keep giving back in many ways he can. For more details, do follow his website @ and follow him on Instagram @dazsidhu.


Ajay Deep

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