Delhi Plans to Fight Pollution With Anti-Smog Guns | Here’s What You Should Know

Delhi is the Capital of the country and is most pollution prone city in India. Recently, confirmed by some reliable sources, the capital City, Delhi is planning to install the Anti-smog guns to hit pollution. The disturbing rise in the smog this winters has finally turned the heads of Delhi government towards the problem of Pollution. Due to this rise in pollution, finally, the city’s government has become serious about the matter. As confirmed by various media houses, the Delhi government has been deliberately planning to use the Anti-Smog Guns to fight pollution in the city.

Delhi Government to Fight Pollution with Anti-Smog Guns | Testing Done for Anti-Smog Guns 

Several media sources have confirmed that the national Capital, Delhi has been working on the project to fight the alarming increase of the pollution in the city. The test for the plan was carried out on 20th December 2017 at Anand Vihar. This Experiment was carried out under the Delhi Pollution Control Committee. This experiment began at 10:00 AM and the complete testing ended at 6:00 PM.

The air quality in the national capital is continuously depleting and if no step is undertaken to fight this depletion the pollution level will be deteriorated to the extent where it will become to inhale it in. Although the testing of the Anti-smog guns was carried out successfully, still the DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee) plans to carry out more tests to become certain of the impact of the guns on air pollution.

What is Anti-Smog Gun That National Capital has Tested to Fight Air Pollution? 

The introduction of anti-smog guns in Delhi raises one huge question among the public that is What basically is an anti-smog gun? According to the sources, this anti-smog gun is basically a machine that is used to spray the atomised water into the air. This atomized water is expected to decrease the level of the pollution. This Machine is manufactured in the shape of the hair dryer and rests on a flatbed truck. This gun has been cited in Anand Vihar of the city while the test was going on.

Delhi government is definitely getting concerned about the increasing pollution in the city and is doing all they can to help fight it.

Source – TheHindu


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