Dense Fog Claims The Lives Of More Than 10 People in Ferozepur on Tuesday | Video Inside

Ferozepur | We might be able to check the weather at the touch of a button on our phones but it still remains largely unpredictable. Just a few days ago we were complaining that summers weren’t exactly over and it was already time for Diwali. Well 20 days later the fog was apparently so dense in Ferozepur-Fazilka highway that it took the lives of 10 people. A bus belonging to Punjab roadways was going from Ferozepur to Fazilka when a truck with a large foot print crashed into it head on.

A Punjab Roadways bus travelling from Ferozepur to Fazilka crashed head-on into a long truck.

A Punjab Roadways bus had just reached a village called Kariyan on its way to Fazilka from Ferozepur. The dense fog made it impossible for the drivers to negotiate the collision. The right side of the bus along with some part of the roof are no where to be seen. There were more than 50 people travelling in the Ferozepur-Fazilka bus out of which 10 people were declared dead on the spot and 15 were seriously injured. The injured have been taken to vsrious hospitals in Ferozepur for further treatment. Locals when speaking to media also complained that the authorities reached very late at the spot. The ambulance too took a long time to reach and the injured had to be taken to Ferozepur hospitals in private vehicles. Locals had rushed onto the spot where the incident occurred and helped in evacuating the injured. The road distance between Fazilka and Ferozepur is 88 kilometres and the two cities are extremely close to the India-Pakistan border.

What can we learn from the Ferozepur accident?

The dense fog in Ferozepur and other areas of Punjabis a sign of an early winter and brings along a lot of dangers and inconvenience. The Ferozepur accident has already claimed more than 10 lives and leaves a lesson for us behind. Travel only if it is absolutely necessary and avoid it when you can. If you really have to travel then avoid travelling early in the morning or late at night. Maintain a good distance with the car in front of you and keep your speed lower than usual. A similar accident like Ferozepur has occurred today on the Agra-Lucknow highway where dense fog claimed major damage of life and property.

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