Does the Name of Your Weed Really Matter?

One question that has faced marijuana smokers over the years is whether or not the name of the bud they are smoking really matters. The answer is that it does and it doesn’t. The following are some of the basic guidelines though concerning the way your favorite strain managed to get its name.

Landrace Strains

If you were to go back several thousand years, you would find that marijuana was native to the Central Asian part of the world. However, as people began to migrate around the world, so too did marijuana. Today, a company in Vancouver named DashDub delivers high quality cannabis on the same day to users. 

There are some areas that marijuana tended to grow better, and these locations are where the landrace strains came to be.  Basically, a landrace is any domesticated, animal or plant species that over time has adapted to the natural environment.  In simpler terms, a landrace strain when it comes to weed is the type of herb that is found in specific locales. 

Some of the most familiar landrace strains are:

  • Thai Stick- This is a Sativa native to Thailand.
  • Hindu Kush – This is an Indica grown in the Kush Mountain region of the Afghani/Pakistani border.
  • Durban Poison – This is a Sativa strain found in the Durban region of South Africa.
  • Acapulco Gold – This Sativa strain is native to the west coast of Mexico.
  • Lamb’s Bread – This is a Sativa strain grown in the Jamaican Hills and is associated closely with the Rastafarian religion.

All in all, there are somewhere between 12 to 15 different strains of marijuana that are crossbred to create all the different varieties of CBD oils consumed today.

A Rose Is but a Rose…But Not for Cannabis

Many times, a grower will call a type of bud they have grown a name based on a quality the particular plant may have.  A great example would be Skunk weed, which is named such because the smell of the bud is a bit skunky.   

There are quite a few buds named for their aroma and / or taste. Diesel variations, for example, have a sharp, pungent smell. Lemon Haze gets its name due to the slight lemony taste you get. You can find these at

Still others are named for their potency and the type of strain. For instance, if you find Purple Death Weed online you can tell by the name that it has an intense potency. It also tells you that this is also a strain that puts you out flat and is probably a more relaxing and sedating strain, aka an Indica, which indeed is what Purple Death Weed is. If it were an upper like Sativa, it’ll have names like “Green Crack.”

Branding and Breeding

Many times, a grower will name a strain after the different parent strains that were crossbred to create it.  This gives the grower a bit of leeway to create some truly unique names. 

An example might be how if you were to take a Bubbleberry and cross it with some White Widow. From that, you could call the new variety Berry White. 

Another option you see from time to time are growers who take an Afghani Kush and breed it with an AK-47.   This is then given some un-PC names like the Taliban Suicide Bomber.  The only limit to naming a plant based on the parent’s strains is the grower’s imagination.

There is no shortage of names to all the different varieties of marijuana we consume.  Some names reflect where the bud originally came from while others reflect some of the qualities the variety you are smoking is known for.  Ultimately though, the only thing that matters is how much you like it.


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