Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique to Sizzle Bigg Boss 11 House | Here’s the Twist

Controversial ex-Bigg Boss housemates Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique are all set to sizzle Bigg Boss 11 House. Yes, that’s true, as per the report, one of the most controversial candidates from the Bigg Boss house – Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique are geared up to add the much required sensational dose of drama and entertainment in the season 11 of Bigg Boss house. It appears that the makers of the reality show have realised that the candidates in the Bigg Boss 11 house have not been able to that has till now

Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique to Sizzle Bigg Boss House Season 11

Bollywood actress Dolly Bindra and Indian fashion stylist Imam Siddique who had been ex-contestants of the Bigg Boss house are all set to set the Bigg Boss house on fire with their presence. While Dolly Bindra was one of the contestants in the 4th season of Bigg Boss, Imam Siddique was in the Bigg Boss house in season 6. The seasons were won by Shweta Tiwari and Urvashi Dholakia respectively.

It has been reported that Imam Siddique, who is likely to enter the Bigg Boss 11 house is known for his “weird sense of style and eccentric temperament”, while the Bollywood star Dolly Bindra is also known for her temperament and has been in the news for several reasons. One of the most recent controversies is when Dolly Bindra, who was once a devotee of one of the controversial Indian spiritual leaders -Radhe Maa, alleged of sexual exploitation of by her. Dolly Bindra who is supposed to enter the Bigg Boss 11 house had also filed a legal complaint against Radhe Maa.

Controversial ex-contestants to enter Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11

India’s most controversial television reality show Bigg Boss is a completely entertaining show with the apt doses of scandals, fights, controversies and a lot more. The Bigg Boss house has one or sometimes even more controversial participants in the house who make every season worth watching.

As per the report, Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami created havoc in the last season of Bigg Boss. This year the much-required spice in the Bigg Boss house is missings and probably that is why the makers of Bigg Boss have decided to bring in the controversial candidates for some ‘Tadka’ in the house.

In the Bigg Boss house, Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique became famous for

Dolly Bindra became famous in the Bigg Boss house for being the loudest contestant. Her dialogue  “Baap pe mat jaana” became a talk of the town.  She was one of the most quarrelsome candidates on the show who made the life of several contestants hell.

Imam Siddique, on the other hand, locked his horns with the Dabangg Khan – Salman. During one of the episodes, while Salman Khan was thrashing him verbally over some issue, Imam interrupted Salman Khan in between and promptly said, “Salman Bhai time out.

Well,  if both these ex-contestants enter the Bigg Boss 11 house, it will surely set the stage ablaze! Time to wait and watch how these two controversial participants – Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique change the surrounding inside the Bigg Boss 11 house with their presence.



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