Electric Cars Era Begins in India | Government Orders Tata Motors to Supply 10,000 Electric Cars

Tata Motors has created a history in the Automobile industry in India, by bagging the largest order of supplying 10,000 fully electric cars in India. The order given for electric cars in India to Tata Motors cracks the monopoly of  Mahindra & Mahindra in the market. With this order of Electric cars for the Indian government, Tata Motors has risen to different heights and is becoming a tough competition for all others in Industry including all the top automobile companies of the Country. Despite the fact, the leading Maruti Suzuki is not at all concerned with the ongoing development of electric cars and continues to produce petrol, diesel and CNG vehicles as usual.

In the recent events, it was officially confirmed by the administration of the Ministry of Power, Government of India that it will procure the 10,000 electric vehicles worth Rs. 1,120 crore from the Tata Motors. Where every other automobile company in India is preparing itself to compete with the new electric cars, there Maruti Suzuki is playing its calm card.

Progress in Relation to Tata Motors’ Electric Cars Supply in India

Well, the concept of the electric car is out and running in India. This will bring in a new era of electric cars in India. Where last month, Karnataka became the first state to adopt electric vehicle policy there, our orange city, Nagpur happily adopted 200 electric vehicles including taxis, buses, and 3-wheelers. Karnataka, India is continuously promoting the development and research of the electric vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Not to Compete with Tata Motors’ Electric Cars in India

In light of recent developments in the electric cars, almost all the automobile brands in India are focusing on competing with the Tata Motors’ electric cars. Well! almost! yes, the top automobile market holder ‘Maruti Suzuki’ is not at all bothered by the upcoming change and continues to produce Petrol, Diesel, and CNG vehicles.

Tata Sedan to Be Fitted with Electric Motors by Tata Motors 

Tata Motors, Indias’ trustworthy automobile brand is planning on fitting the Tigor Sedan with the Electric motors despite petrol or diesel engines. The electric motor designed for the Tata Sedan will increase its range to more than 130 Kms when fully charged. The Cost of this electric car will be Rs. 11.20 Lakh post GST that is way more than the petrol engine model costing Rs. 4.64 Lakh.

So, despite the fact that the electric cars in India are getting promoted, still, there are many issues that challenge the new electric cars. These challenges that the new electric cars in India face include sufficient amount of electric charge stations, average yielding in the traffic factor, Cost of these vehicles etc.

So, Although India is enthusiastic to welcome these new electric cars and vehicles, still there are several points of concern that these companies should take care of.

Source – Moneyccontrol


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