Every Car Owner Must Follow These 5 Tips While Buying Car Parts Online

In the current market situation where cars are the dire need of society, India is the third-largest manufacturer in entire Asia. Considering the stats that revolve around the automobile industry in the country, it is also evident that the auto parts market is also acquiring a much-needed pace.

Buying spare parts for your brand new car or opting to buy spare parts for your old vehicle, it is not an easy task. Even the experts who understand the ins and outs that revolve around automotive parts and accessories face issues while selecting the genuine spare parts to replace in your car. The rising competition of the used car’s industry in India has given way to the sales of spare parts at full force.

In a situation where everything can be purchased online in a matter of clicks, buying spare parts is no exception. However, it should be noticed that it is not only about purchasing spares online. The major downside that revolves around the purchase of such spares on a digital platform is the authenticity of the produce. The online spare industry is infamous for selling fake products, degrading the shopping experience of buyers.

However, thanks to online marketplaces like https://boodmo.com/, buying genuine spare parts for your vehicle is not hard anymore. Boodmo has developed its name around the purchase of genuine spare parts and at competitive prices.

5 tips to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine spare product online 

Now that you have understood the factors that run behind the trade, listed below are some of the tips to ensure the purchase of genuine spare parts online:

  • Look for what you need:

The very first tip that we would suggest to you, begins even before surfing the internet to get your desired automobile spares. The first and foremost step is to look at what you want to purchase. 

Understanding what you need and the quantity you need it in saves you from the trouble of ordering the wrong parts online. For instance, if you are facing problems over the chilling unit of your car, the next thing you do is check out the parts that are involved in its effective functioning and order it accordingly. Moreover, you could also consider the fact around writing down the list of parts that you need.

  • Do some extensive research around your spare parts: 

Once you have done a quick query around the spare part that you actually need, the next tip to consider is research of those spare parts over the internet. We advise you to do some research around buying spare parts as buying spares is a matter of investment and you might be able to save if you shop right.

There are several online marketplaces that offer different rates for a similar product. It is advisable that you refer to several online automobile marketplaces to grab a striking deal before you decide to purchase the product from a single place itself. 

  • Is your packaging original?

Once you start your research around spare parts, you’ll come across the fact that every spare part comes with an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer number. The OEM number is the key to determining the authenticity of spare parts that are being sold online. 

Besides helping you check on the authenticity of the product, OEM numbers are also liable to help you match the compatibility of your product in your car. There are many websites that mention the OEM part number besides displaying the product information. 

Thanks to genuine spare providers like Boodmo, they not only help you get information on the product but represent the OEM number as well. You can check it out yourself at Boodmo.com.

  • Warranty and a quick turnaround service is a must:

The smart buyer knows their rights around the purchase of a product. To be one, you should know that warranty over spares is only made available if the product is a genuine one, similar is the case with car accessories. 

Before you are on the verge of paying your dealer via a digital window, make sure that you are aware of a 100% warranty on all products that you purchase. Ensure that every product that you buy, comes with the supplier’s guarantee. 

  • Beware of scams and do check for feedbacks & reviews:

Scams are nothing new in our country, every day we come across something new that tempts us to buy such products. One such scam revolves around the purchase of spares at a dirt-cheap rate. 

However, you can stay away from such experiences if you look after recommendations and reviews on the website or ask your friends. Remember, word of mouth still works!

While these were some of the most significant tips to help you with your purchase, we hope it helps you in your next online spare purchase.


Ajay Deep

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