Expert Talks: Five tips to excel in SEO content and win the Love of Google!

We all are vying for Google’s attention here. Wanting the search engine giant to noticeour content and show us some love back. Not trying to cast shadows of doubts here but a genuine question – is your content lovable?Google is omniscient. At least for all what we are doing online. Its algorithms are advanced to the level it can figure out the gravitas and substance in the content. 

But why their blog on ‘five tips to master SEO content’ is cosyingup there and yours is barely managing to stay afloat?

In this series of ‘Expert Talks’, we ask Pulkit Gogna, a noted entrepreneur and Founder, Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing (A digital marketing company in Chandigarh), what makes the SEO content a class apart and stand out in the crowd. 

User-First, always

You aren’t writing for search engines. You are writing to customers.” Says, Pulkit. And he goes on to add, “It is the most common and fatal mistake done by even the seasoned of them. Keyword stuffing and irrelevant content to increase the length of a write-up – are the most common characteristics of writing that isn’t done keeping customers in mind. Besides, the BERT algorithm makes the writing on the wall clearer that it is the audience-focussed content that matters and gets priority.” 

The solid content strategy needs to satiate three aspects of intents raised by a user:

Navigational Intent: Do you know why does a user visit your site? If a user is searching for “CIDM,” she might be looking for the digital marketing courses, an internship or maybe interested in visiting to know more. So, does your website content answer the ‘navigational’ aspect of her browsing?

Informational Intent: Is your content informational? Does it answer the questions honestly? Be it a product description or a blog post; try to be as comprehensive and honest as you could be. Include a price and feature comparison, if applicable. Even if the user doesn’t push through with the purchase, you will be seen as a gold standard of knowledge repository and an expert. “An excellent prospect, if you ask me.”

Purchase Intent: When a user visits your site with the purchase intent, it means that she is all set to buy your product or services. She has done her research, and she is now looking for some “cues” to ensure that it is the right (or wrong) decision. This is when a product comparison or content, including warranty and on-site service,come handy and help you seal the deal. 

The content needs to match the intent of the user to be loved by a user first. The rankings are just a matter of time.Poor content results in poor user experience, lower CTR and lower conversion rates.

Wholesome experience

If you want to give your customers a heady experience and don’t want them ever to leave your blog or website, serve them an intoxicating cocktail of visual elements and powerful words. The content doesn’t have to be lengthy (unless, of course, it justifies the user-intent).

Now, content doesn’t have to be all words. The new stream of content goes beyond the usual list of interviews, polls and surveys. It includes a non-written format of content that Google loves but hasn’t been very vocal about until now. The cornerstone of a non-written content is still pretty good writing, but it is told in a remarkably visually appealing manner. Try vlogs, videos and podcasts to draw the audience to your platform.”Says, Pulkit.

Tip: However, just don’t make the videos/podcasts sound sales-y or purely for commercial purpose. Gear up for guest prospecting, educate your customers and help them make an informed decision. Let them decide if your product or service is good enough to bank on or not. 

Profitable niches are also important for affiliate programs, as it is part of excelling your SEO content.

You can learn more on this topic by consulting other SEO experts.

Hit the Revise Button on Old Content

According to Pulkit, “Content comes with an expiration date. A blog or website often has time-sensitive content that people might or might not refer to by the end of the day. However, the Google Caffeine update wants you to work on the old content and make it a timely one! It is a wise choice to update the content with relevant and current information such as CTA, or some timely offer. You don’t need to write new content entirely, but a paragraph, much like an afterthought that is relevant and informative-something that could be useful to your users.”

Unique and Exclusive Content

Arrgh, easier said than done, right? Most of the SEO writers would agree with me on this one. It is getting difficult to write something that hasn’t been there already. You are writing about ‘Five Ways to Rank your Content’, and there are already several blogs on the same topic, albeit with different headlines. “

So, shall we ditch this point

And Pulkit retorts,“Can you ditch content from your digital marketing strategy? No, right? That would be professional hara-kiri. Content is going to be a key differentiator, and instead of treating it as filler, it should take centrestage. A writer should aim to be user-centric and encompass new ways to promote the content, including social media platform and stories. Just keep writing and do it better than everybody else. That’s the mantra.”

Content Recommendations

Pulkit suggests content recommendation as a quality tactic. “It is time to play a bit with machine learning and implement content recommendations on your blog or website. Because as a writer, your focus should not only on creating new content but also to not let your users run amok like headless chickens. Content recommendations often happen in real-time and are based on a user’s previous browsing history.  Tell them what they would like to read or browse through, let them know that you have everything on the blog/website and they don’t have to go anywhere! Plugging in content recommendation can reduce bounce off rates and prompt users to spend more time on page reading and not vanity browsing.”

As we sign off, here’s hoping that Pulkit Gogna’s expert tips would help you to ace content marketing strategy and stay ahead of the curve.


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