Explore These 5 Hidden Marvels of Chandigarh on Your Next Trip

Being the capital of two major states in India, Chandigarh had a lot of expectations when it was being conceived by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He commissioned the construction of the city to make it one of the most impressive cities in the world. Le Corbusier’s architecture and planning did just that, and now Chandigarh is the crown jewel of both Punjab and Haryana.

Over the years, the city has gotten a lot of appreciation regarding its strategic location, pleasant weather, almost microscopic attention to detail to space planning and the overall vibe of the city. It is enhanced even more by its attractions, which you might miss out on upon just marvelling at the city itself. Here are a few hidden attractions in Chandigarh for you to visit the next time you plan a vacation there!

Butterfly Park


The colourful personality of the city is paid a wonderful tribute to the Butterfly Park. The seven-acre land is full of different species of butterflies carefully raised and reared for both research purposes and as a tourist attraction. If that is not enough, plants like marigold, salvia, petunia and dahlia add to the landscape along with the trees that make it a perfect picnic spot. Tourists will love the light breeze that accompanies this beautiful place and it will definitely be a place to remember.

Rock Garden


The Rock Garden is one of the most famous tourist spots in the city, but a lot of it remains unexplored by tourists who visit for a quick look around and move on to the next spot. The Rock Garden is a peaceful contribution to the beauty of the nearby Sukhna Lake. The Garden’s waterfalls meet the lake directly, replenishing its reserves and adding to the overall beauty. If this whole affair makes you thirsty just by looking at it, visit the best restaurants in Chandigarh, most of which are situated around the Garden.

Chattbir Zoo


Every important city has a zoo that it is proud of, and Chandigarh is no exception. The zoo, previously known as the Mahendra Zoological Park has enough species of flora and fauna to appeal to all the wildlife enthusiasts out there. While there are a lot of animals you can view here, the lion safari is an experience you would have to take. The Asiatic lions and the Royal Bengal Tigers you get to see during the safari will let you interact with these royal creatures at a very close distance.

Mohali Cricket Stadium


Feed into the frenzy of millions and visit the Mohali Cricket Stadium. Both international and domestic cricket matches are played here and atmosphere in both situations is absolutely electric. It is also the home ground of Kings XI Punjab IPL team, and if you are planning to go during the IPL season, do not miss out on the chance of catching your favourite cricket players play in this beautiful ground.

Rose Garden

A lot of people associate memories with cities. That candlelight dinner in Mumbai you had or the serene peacefulness you enjoyed at Delhi’s numerous forts are a few nostalgic moments that would stay with you forever. A walk down the Rose Garden has the same effect on tourists. The whole experience of walking down the 30-acre park surrounded by almost every rose type you can think of is beautiful as well as poignant.

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Ajay Deep

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