FASTag Mandatory For Four-Wheelers From December 1 | Here’s How to Get FASTag For Old Cars

FASTag has been made mandatory for all the new four-wheelers from December 1. As per the report, the government has made it mandatory for all the new four-wheelers to carry FASTag from the beginning of the next month. With the installation FASTags in all the new four wheelers drivers would not need to waste their precious time standing in long queues for crossing toll plazas on different routes across the country.

FASTag mandatory for four-wheelers from December 1

As per a government notification it has made FASTags a must for all the new four-wheelers in the country from the 1st of December. The notification has enlightened that a FASTag means a unit or any such device which is fitted on the front windscreen of a vehicle which is scanned by the scanner at the toll plazas throughout the country.

What is FASTag technology?

The FASTags allow seamless travel on highways. With the help of the FASTags drivers are able to cut long queues at toll booths at the toll plazas throughout the country. To use the FASTag, the vehicle owner needs to link the FASTag to a prepaid account from where the amount is automatically deducted while crossing a toll plaza.

The changes for the FASTags has been notified by the ministry to relevant sections of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.  The move to install FASTags that has been made mandatory by the government for all the new four-wheelers from December 1 is a part of government’s much-hyped electronic toll collection system. It  is also being speculated that the move is aimed at making the fee collection at toll plazas digital.

How to get your FASTag today?

FASTags are currently not in all the lanes of the toll plazas but this system will be gradually expanded to all the lanes at the specific toll plazas. This initiative will speed up traffic on the toll plazas and will also encourage cashless payments. It is in line with the government’s cashless economy and digitization initiative.

Though it has been made mandatory for all the new four-wheelers to carry FASTags but for all the existing vehicles, owners can buy the FASTag from designated banks and toll booths. These FASTags then can be fixed on the windscreen of the cars and skip the queues at the toll plazas.

Source: Hindustan Times 


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