Flipkart’s Big 10 Campaign 2017 | Launches Grocery Services As A Pilot Project In India

Flipkart launches grocery services in India as a part of its Big 10 Campaign. The e-commerce giant turned 10 in 2017 and continuing the celebrations throughout the year, Flipkart has finally stepped forward to create a grocery segment in its website to cater to population depending on buying home groceries online through other apps. Well, launching the grocery services as a pilot project in Bengaluru state in India, Flipkart leaves no stone unturned to give a serious and tough competition to its contemporaries as well as other players already existing in marketing & selling groceries online.

Flipkart Launches Grocery Segment in India

Well, Flipkart which is the most sought after e-commerce website in India has carved a niche for itself in past 1 decade of phenomenal growth witnessed by the company in Indian sub-continent. Here are the highlights of the grocery services via Flipkart’s pilot project.

  • Flipkart’s Grocery segment would be launched soon as official sources claim with no set deadline confirmed as of now
  • The pilot project of selling groceries online by Flipkart would commence from Bengaluru before expanding into other regions
  • The decision of launching in the state by Flipkart is because of wider consumer base belonging to southern region only
  • The speculated timeframe of a few months by Flipkart promises an innovative and one of its kinds’ unique online grocery store
  • The initiative has been taken by Flipkart to widen its consumer base to 500+ million users within Indian sub-continent
  • Also, Flipkart in India has set up a new and dedicated warehouse to sell large appliances online via the grocery segment

About Flipkart’s Big 10 Campaign 2017

As Flipkart, the indigenous website serving in the e-commerce sector flourishing its business with outstanding growth slope turns 10 this year in 2017, the giant has aimed to grow even bigger than ever before by exploring itself into areas never touched before. With an aim to celebrate the birthday of Flipkart turning a decade old to continue ceaselessly throughout the entire year, launching of grocery segment by Flipkart in 2017 is one of the giant steps that the firm Flipkart would be taken to mark the milestone of celebrations in India.

Nailing the art of expanding its services in another forte, the launch of grocery services via a new segment dedicated to grocery selling online, Flipkart has entered into a new world of internet boom as they say. Let us wait and watch as to how Flipkart does in the grocery segment which is awaiting its launch anytime soon in 2017 this year.

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