Best Chandigarh Based Food Bloggers To Follow (For Foodies)

Being the city in love with food, there are many best Food Bloggers in Chandigarh. Food has become the centre of attraction for everyone these days, thanks to the hard working “Food Bloggers” of the world. From capturing the best food moments to writing about it people have started taking food so seriously that they have made it an issue of importance in a big way now.

Its just not about cooking it nicely, but is also about writing about the food so thoughtfully that it evokes all the senses of the reader. And this is where “food bloggers” come in to the scene. A very interesting bunch of people dying to taste everything the world has ever cooked or will cook. The list of best food blogger in Chandigarh, explore so many sides of big variety of foods that has a potential to boggle anybody’s mind.

From nukkars to high end restaurants they cover it all. From capturing mouth watering pictures of food fit for “food porn” to writing about it in a way that leaves saliva trails dripping down from our screens, food bloggers can render this all.

List of Best Food Bloggers in Chandigarh to Follow

Chandigarh is lucky enough to have these type food enthusiasts who love to indulge in feasting on great food, writing about it and sharing it. And today we have brought you a list of some amazing food lovers who has made food blogging their full time jobs in the city.

So lets checkout these “fine Chandigarh food bloggers” whom you should follow on their journey of great food.

Rahul Miglani

This food blogger Rahul Miglani from Chandigarh is a “must follow”! When its about food Rahul’s tongue and feet can rest. He has covered almost every restaurant and fast food outlets in the tricity that offers great food like Hashtag, Dastaan or Uncle Jacks’s.

See food through the eyes of this awesome food fanatic Rahul Miglani by following him on:

Instagram: @foodcriticintown and

Jimmy Makkar

A food blogger from Chandigarh with great food aesthetic sense Jimmy Makkar is someone who takes the beauty of food very seriously. Jimmy as a food blogger loves to experience different cuisines and dishes. Trail along Jimmy Makkar on his journey to explore fine food at Insta– @foodtaleschandigarh and Facebook–

Abhinav Mahajan | Chandigarh Food Blogger

Yet another charming food blogger exploring Chandigarh who has tasted everything on the city’s food platter. Abhinav Mahajan is the name you can trust if you want to find amazing food in the city. With his honest reviews and great dining experiences Abhinav is an eminent Food Blogger to follow on Insta @mealsyoulove

Sachin Bhatnagar

A multi faceted food blogger from Chandigarh Sachin Bhatnagar knows it all when it comes to amazing food in the city. With as many as 791 followers this food blogger is someone to watch out for if you are too a food fanatic like him. Sachin likes to calls himself an “obsessive compulsive foodie”.

Follow him on Insta @ sachinbhatnagar

Ashish Sharma | Renowned Food Blogger in Chandigarh

Yet another fantastic food Blogger based in Chandigarh who is passionate about spreading the word about everything great he eats. Ashish Sharma posts scrumptious pictures of food on his profile consistently that are hard to miss. Follow him on Insta @ashishsharma.

Ms Grabdeliciousfoos!

This a “shudh vaishno” food blogger from Chandigarh who loves to write and try all the amazing food that is vegetarian. Her rustic yet good style of presenting food pictures is very honest in its own way. Follow her on Insta @Grabdeliciousfood

So this was our list of some of the best food bloggers in Chandigarh. Hope you liked our article. Do write us about your views on this in the comment box below.

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