Here’s What Gauri Arora Has To Say Post Elimination from India’s Top Model Season 3

After the gender change operation, Gaurav Arora who emerged as Gauri Arora auditioned for the well-known reality show India’s Next Top Model Season 3. Not only with her immense courage and confidence did she win over the hearts of the judges but also booked a territory for herself among the top beauties who got selected for India’s Next Top Model Season 3. But as they say that all good things don’t last long, audience and Gauri’s fans were left disheartened after Gauri Arora got eliminated in the second episode of India’s Top Model Season 3 after making a smashing entry in the commencing episode of the show which airs on MTV India.

Gaurav Turned Gauri Arora Gets Eliminated From Indian’s Next Top Model Season 3

Born as Gaurav Arora, Gauri Arora in the past interviews said that she felt as a woman since her childhood. A moment on the famous show Splitsvilla which too airs on MTV India, changed life for then model Gaurav Arora who decided to undergo a sex-change operation and thus become the now much famous Gauri Arora. After coming out positively with her bold decision and thus addressing the world as Gauri Arora, she came out in full spirit and thus auditioned for the very famous India’s Next Top Model Season 3 which witnesses personalities like Dabbu Ratnani, Milind Soman as well as Malaika Arora Khan as judges. The judges were not only proud of Gauri’s decision but also applauded her family’s courage and unshakable support throughout the whole transformation journey.

Whereas, we live in a world where still, the people are not allowed to go on with their sexual choices and preferences and are mocked upon for their choices.

What Gauri Has To Say On Her Elimination from India’s Top Model 3

Gauri Arora won the hearts of many after she donned a Bikini while auditioning for India’s Next Top Model Season 3. Apart from the auditions, as the first episode unveiled, Gauri could be seen in full swing and confidence. But sadly, this could not continue any further as she got eliminated in the next episode. In the audition itself, Gauri Arora said that she is still recovering from a major surgery which she underwent almost a year back and owing to any health issues, she decided to step down from the show and thus got evicted.

Not all have the courage to accept and come out with their sexual preferences like Gauri who is also handling opposition and negativity like a pro. More power to you, girl!


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