GHANIM AL-KHAYARIN – Qatar luminary is all organized to set his foot in Bollywood

A journeyer, a sightseer, and a nemophilist, Ghanim Al-khayarin is an excursionist who has entered the limelight presently. Ghanim has a proclivity, a knack for traveling but this is not what has claimed the attention of the fans.
He is going to step into Bollywood and have a ginormous debut.

Prominent Qatar’s traveler has proclaimed about his debut and about his visit to India. From the connoisseur himself, Bollywood has always been an attraction for him and possesses a magnetizing power and when he got a chance of making a debut in the industry he couldn’t let it go. He has enjoyed overwhelming support from his fans and has thanked all his friends and family. He has also thanked his close friends and all ingenious personages with a special name, Daud.

ASLI DAUD aka Abdullah often known as Daud Khan is a 21-year-old young Digital marketer and a celebrity manager along with that the Founder and owner of marketing and music company. With his strengthened connections, he has helped multifarious people. Daud and AL-Khayarin share a special bond, being work buds. Daud was keenly interested in helping Ghanim and using his strengthened connections has immensely helped AL-Khayarin.

Not unveiling the plot to his fans Ghanim has made his fans go berserk with the news. Ergo, We wish him a ginormic success and hope his movie in Bollywood to ba a super hit!!!


Ajay Deep

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