Google Launches ‘Personalised Feed Section’ in Google App to Beat Social Media

Google has recently announced the launch of a ‘personalised feed section’ in the google app which is being redesigned. In order to give tough competition to the pioneers of social networking sites including ‘Facebook’, Google is inching closer towards becoming one.

In a move to have a more interactive platform with the Google app users which has almost made its space in every smartphone, with the ever increasing number of smartphone users across the globe. The world’s largest search engine Google via redesigning its Google app making is all set to incorporate such interactive sections to have better accessibility worldwide.

About the ‘Personalised Feed Section’ in Google App

The ‘personalised feed section’ as announced by the most sought after search engine in the world, Google has become the talk of the tech-world in no time. All set to be introduced in the United States on Wednesday i.e. on July 19, 2017, Google app’s newer version with a personalized feed shall soon make it to users belonging other continents in upcoming weeks. Terming the personalized section as introduced by the Google as ‘Google Feed’ for which, the comparisons are being drawn to the social networking giant, ‘Facebook’ which has its own “News Feed”,¬†which would be witnessed in the Google app soon.

‘Google Feed’ in the Google App, Highlights

Here are the salient features and highlights of the Google Feed soon to be introduced in the Google App.

  • The introduction of newer features to be incorporated in the Google app installed in the Mobile Phones for users
  • The ‘Google Feed’ shall include latest stories about the user himself which includes various interests that the user owns
  • Users to have access to links about hobbies, travel, sports etc. via the Google Feed in the Google app
  • Google putting itself into the shoes of Facebook aims to have more interactive forum on the lines of social networking site
  • On the contrary to Facebook, which has news feed about friends and families, Google has a different story to tell altogether
  • The updates in the Google feed shall include pertaining to your own interests giving you major goals of travel, food, music etc
  • Also, no advertisement via the Feed section in the Google app as of now seems a great idea

Defying the rumours of copying Facebook, Google with its Feed aims to create another forum to aid better and efficient searches which it is originally been designed for. Google always strives forth to achieve better as the tech giant remains one of its kind sins the world.

We hope when introduced in India, Google App users find themselves indulging in a new addiction via the Google Feed.

Source: Zee News


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