7 Best Places To Buy Gym Equipment in Delhi | Exclusive List

Buy Gym Equipment from the most renowned places in Delhi.

Gym Equipment in Delhi can be bought at tons of places if you wish to set up your own Gym or buy for your own personal use. The physical movement in our lives has been almost eliminated thanks to the cutting edge technology e have come to get used to. We spend most of our work hours in office looking into screens and the moment we come home we open another one rather than letting our body relax for a while. Although the body movement is restricted at those times, what we fail to understand is that we end up straining our eyes for almost the whole day which further ends up stressing the body.

In order to keep ourselves fit in times like these, it is very essential that we take out time to work out for at least an hour a day. Some of the people find it easy to go for a morning jog and some have been looking to spend an hour in the gym trying to stay in shape. While going to the gym might not be an ideal solution for plenty of people out there, with the affordable prices of the Gym Equipment Shops in Delhi listed below you may find your work out partner at home on a budget.

Fitness World

Undoubtedly the first name that pops up into our heads when we talk of Gym Equipment manufacturers in Delhi, the Fitness World has been thrashing the competition since its inception. With 150+ stores in the country, it is highly unlikely that you won’t be able to locate one near you. They have a free consultant who can help you pick the best equipment if you wish to set up your own commercial space. Their catalogue ranges from recumbent bikes, ellipticals, and crosfit stations that are designed to save a lot of space in your new gym as well as providing the maximum efficiency. A variety of tredmills, cross trainers and rowers are also available if you wish to set up your own personal gym inside the premises of your house.

Address: KK House, D-247/3, Sector-63, Noida-201301, U.P., India

Contact: 0120 4509000

Website: www.fitness-world.in

E-mail: info@fitness-world.in

Universal Fitness

Established way back in 1978 by Arjuna Shree of India Mr. Bahadar Singh, Universal Fitness is one of the oldest names when it comes to Gym Equipment in Delhi. With a variety of products in their catalogue from spin bikes, gym stations and other fitness equipment they have been trusted by most Gyms in India. Their clientele includes a long list of Gyms, Hotels, Resorts, Physiotherapy Centres and home Gym owners. They have been supplying their products in the Government Sector as well thus making them one of the best names in the business. For all we know, you cannot go wrong with putting your money on them.

Address: Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg, Param Puri, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi- 110059

Contact: 09871008684, 07503094271

Website: http://www.universalfitness.in

Olympic Equipment in Delhi

One of the firms that boast of customer satisfaction as their greatest strength shall never be ignored. Olympic Fitness Equipment is the pioneer name in the Gym Equipment market in Delhi and there is more than one reason for that. They have been supplying the fitness equipment to Air Force, Army, as well as other Government Departments like the Delhi Police. What makes them great is the attention to detail since they assure you that everything from the quality of materials used in weights to the nylon pulleys is of top-notch quality. Their prices are of the best ones we have come across and the deliveries are on time.

Address: Y. N. Trivedi(Proprietor), K-1997/98, Jahangirpuri, New Delhi – 110033, Delhi, India

Contact: 08079453854

Website: http://www.olympicgymequipment.com

Syndicate Gym Equipment Manufacturers

Syndicate is the biggest name you will come across when it comes to Gym Equipment in New Delhi. Although they have their production facility in the Basti Nau area of Jalandhar city in Punjab, they have been known to supply the gym equipment to the leading gym outlets in the entire country. Not only in India but they export huge volumes across the globe annually which is surprising since the company was established less than a decade ago. Their weight resistance exercising machines are of the best quality and they have a lot of products in their catalogue to suit your needs irrespective of the fact that you’re planning to set up a commercial gym space or buy some products for your personal use.

Address: Basti Nau, Jalandhar, Punjab 144102

Contact: 01814618232

Website: http://www.syndicategym.com/

Anson Sports

Another one of the firms that started operations from Jalandhar city in Punjab, Anson Sports has garnered quite some love from fitness fans all around the country. They have been manufacturing gym equipment for Delhi and neighbouring states from the year 1985 itself and their precision over the years has only become better. They have the widest variety of gym equipments among the competition from something as small as knee supports to tredmills both motorised and manual. They also boast of a fully fledged e-commerce website that is exclusively dedicated to fitness equipment. If you are the kind of shopper who does not want to go through the trouble of locating them, you can visit their website to make your purchases mentioned below.

Address: 27/7 Punjabi Bagh Extension, Delhi, 110026

Contact: 098729 93957

Website: http://www.gymequipmentsmanufacturers.com/

Although these abovementioned names are the best ones in the business, the list feels incomplete without some honourable mentions. One of the popular names when it comes to Gym Equipment Stores in New Delhi is Alpine Fitness which has garnered quite some respect in the business. They are based in the Nangal Raya region and you can reach them at 099993 15222. Another name that did not make it to the list is Joggers Park which offers gym equipment in Delhi on a budget. They are located in the Mansarovar Garden vicinity and you can reach them at 011 4656 1971.

Few other names among the fitness equipment sellers in New Delhi include Afton Fitness, Energie Fitness and York Fitness. These places should be on your list if you are looking to set up your own personal gym inside the premises of your house or a fully fledged commercial Gym Space.


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