Haryana To Close Illegal Slaughter Houses & Meat Shops

Haryana Government has recently issued orders to shut down the illegal slaughter houses and meat shops before May 15. Before Haryana, the state of Uttar Pradesh initiated this project and was successful.

Strong action will be taken against the meat shop owners if not abiding by the newly emerged rules approved by the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar.

What Formed The Decision

The Haryana has noted the highest number of illegal slaughters in the Northern region of India. According to a survey:

  • Gurgaon has been ranked on top with an about 530 illegal slaughters
  • Faridabad came second with 416 illegal meat shops
  • Gurgaon has 262 illegal meat shops
  • Karnal has a total no. of 134 illegal slaughters

A huge number of complaints were received about the illegal slaughter activities across the state by the Urban Local Bodies Minister. In a meeting held under the vigilance of the CM of Haryana in which it was decided that the act of Mans Bikri Adhiniyam banning the illegal sale and killing of animals will be imposed with immediate effect.

Not only the meat shops and butcheries in Haryana will come under the MBK act but meat shops that kill the animals on their own will also be questioned.

The Haryana government has made it mandatory for the meat sellers to provide the information about the slaughter houses and the source from where the meat has been extracted.

The Elimination of The Illegal Meat Shops 

Now let’s see what all will come into the scene according the newly established law by the Haryana Government.

  • All the meat shops in the cities and villages would be eliminated
  • The shutdown orders would be imposed by the MCs and Panchayats
  • State government will permit killing of animals at the shops
  • Meat shops need to keep flesh in the freezers
  • No meat shops near religious places and educational institutes

The Illegal Meat Houses

The state of Haryana has a low number of butcheries but it has increased its points in illegal slaughters by killing a huge number of animals and birds in the past years.

According to the sources about 1350 illegal shops have been seized that were working in the residential areas.

A big number of meat shops in Haryana don’t own an NOC but are still running.

Sources: IndiaToday

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