Cousins Allegedly Impregnate 15-Year-Old in Haryana | This Gang-Rape By Cousins is Horrifying

Reports of a 15-year-old gang rape in Haryana allegedly by her cousins has shocked the state. The girl is believed to be at least eight months pregnant after being repeatedly raped by her cousins over last six months. It was reported that cousins of the 15-year-old victim in Haryana allegedly impregnated her after repeatedly gang raping her over the last more than six months.

Cousins allegedly gang rape 15-year-old in Haryana

After being admitted to a hospital for acute stomach pain, the doctors were shocked to find the 15-year-old rape-victim around eight months pregnant. The girl had complained severe pain in her after which she was rushed to a nearby hospital. After the initial checkup, the doctors revealed the shocking news of the girl’s pregnancy and also suspected that she was at least eight months pregnant.

It was reported that the Haryana girl was first raped in December 2016 and was threatened by her cousins who repeatedly raped her for more than six months. She also alleged that besides being repeatedly gang-raped by her cousins for months they had also threatened her with dire consequences if she told it to anyone. The girl stated that she was helpless as the accused cousins had threatened to kill her parents.

The accused cousins in Haryana

The accused identified as Suraj and Ajeet, allegedly raped her for the first time in December last year and since then the duo has been raping her repeatedly multiple times. It was reported that the accused Suraj and Ajeet, would allegedly drag the victim to a room and would rape her multiple times. The victim alleged that one of them used to gag her while the other would rape her and they would continue to take turns to rape her. The police have registered a FIR on parent’s complaint. The police have already arrested one of the accused who is a minor and has sent him to a juvenile home after producing him before a court. The police is yet to arrest the older boy who is absconding. The case has been registered under Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Aborting the Child

It was reported that the doctors have stated that abortion at this stage is impossible as well as illegal. Termination of pregnancy at this stage is dangerous. It was also reported that the girl will have to give birth to the child.

Similar rape cases reported recently 

Similar gruesome incidents have been reported in the recent past as well. In the first case, a 10-year-old from Rohtak was allegedly raped by her stepfather. The girl was found five months pregnant but was allowed by the district court to abort the child. A panel of doctors at PGIMS Rohtak were asked to take over by the court.

In another case, a 10-year-old girl was raped in Chandigarh by her uncle. The victim was found seven months pregnant and was denied an abortion by a district court last month. The court had stated that the girl’s pregnancy is too advanced and she is too young to have an abortion.

Source: NDTV


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