Haryana Government Ban Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Food & Drinks | Here’s Why

Haryana Government has banned the use of liquid nitrogen in foods and drinks. A 30-year-old  Delhi based businessman had to be hospitalized after he had gulped some liquid nitrogen at Gurugram (Haryana) Pub. Medical experts report has stated that liquid nitrogen is hazardous to health and can lead to severe health issues if ingested in large quantities.

Liquid Nitrogen Ban in Haryana

Food and Drugs Administration department said that Haryana Government has banned the mixing of any liquid Nitrogen with any drink or food article. Saket Kumar Food Safety Commissioner (Haryana) said that as per reports of medical experts the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drinks is harmful to human health. On 30th April, 30-year-old  Delhi Businessman had gulped some cocktail containing liquid nitrogen to get high in Gurgaon, Haryana pub. That liquid nitrogen led to extreme pain, abdomen swelling and breathlessness. He was rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital where doctors had to operate him. Doctors said that victim’s stomach looked like an open book, his abdomen was grossly distended and has a high level of lactic acid was found in his blood. Such condition results to the deprivation of oxygen. While the victim survived but this incident had made people wary of indulging in such cocktails.

Everyone has craze to try a new cocktail, and same was the case with him. He was trying a new cocktail with white smoke flowing from it which is the latest trend of serving cocktails in fancy pubs and bars. He did not realize that the drink was supposed to be had after the smoke dissipates and drowned it in one draught.

Kumar said that due to low-temperature liquid nitrogen could be extremely damaging to the body tissue. It can also cause frostbite and cryogenic burning on contact. Not only this if liquid nitrogen is ingested it could lead severe internal damage destroying mouth tissue and intestinal tract. He added that liquid nitrogen releases a large volume of gas on evaporation. This could also burst open in the stomach if ingested in large quantities.

What is Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid Nitrogen is a colorless liquid which is used to cool computers, instantly freeze foods and drinks. Liquid Nitrogen has a boiling point of 195.8-degree Celsius. Liquid Nitrogen Flushing or Mixing of Liquid Nitrogen to any drink or food article is harmful to humans. When Liquid nitrogen turns to gas it expands more than 500 times if it gets into person’s stomach. The Haryana government has prohibited use of Liquid Nitrogen in Haryana.

Source: Indian Express


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