Heart Throbbing Journey of Mubashir Bashir Beigh – An Astounding Tattoo Artist From Kashmir

From a time before we could imagine tattoos were etched into the skin of Indian history. Throughout India’s tribes and different caste communities, tattoos have served myriad purposes. Some people have had ink permanently marking their skin for vanity purposes, while other tattoos have served as a representation of the various stages of womanhood, a mark of great warriors, some as protective totems in the afterlife, and some are even thought to cure certain physical illnesses.

Being a tattoo artist is today a profession that is commercially viable, and one that stands to gain a great reputation as art. Equipped with international standard equipment, ink, and experience, Indian tattoo artists on the ever-growing circuit make a name for themselves. Getting yourself inked, irrespective of whether the tattoo is big or small, is a difficult decision to make, especially if you get a permanent one, because it will last a lifetime. So you have to take all precautions and prevent any type of mess.

But if you go to Mubashir Bashir Beigh aka Mubii, the tattoo artist to many celebrities, you can guarantee that you will never be humiliated by this tinct. An art enthusiast through and through, Mubashir Bashir, based in Kashmir, India, is known for its vivid designs and lively hues of colour. One glance at his Instagram page will instantly entice you to get a tattoo. His tattoo practice is so amazing that customers are known to have driven to India from all over the world to get themselves inked by the master himself. After all, it isn’t just for nothing that Lot of celebrity, artists by Mubashir Bashir’s work.

His strikingly chic concepts speak for themselves. His projects aren’t for the fainthearted though. While Mubashir has surprised the art world with his amazing art, it is encouraging to know that his work has also saved him from the depression midst. Besides being tremendously famous on social media, Mubashir also has his own studio named Mubiis Tattoo Studio, thanks to the magnificent photographs depicting his tattoo work.


Ajay Deep

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