Helping Others is Always a Good Idea: Akmal Ali Khan

Akmal Ali Khan was elected as the 4th president of the students’ union in Maulana Azad National Urdu University.  He always wanted to do good for others and he had those leadership qualities as well. He had great communication skills, integrity, self-awareness, the ability to learn new things according to the needs and gratitude.

He has brilliant communication skills, undoubtedly he is a great speaker and those skills worked in his favour and he was successful to touch the heart of students. Students found it in him that he is true towards his goals and would work in the favor of the students to make it a better place as there is always room for improvement. 

Akmal Ali Khan wants to take it a step forward and go to rural areas and help people know about basic things like hygiene, sanitation, health issues, and basic rights. In the time of this pandemic, he was one of them who came forward and provided food facilities to people. He even distributed masks and sanitizers in the area he organized campaigns and showed how the mask should be worn and to maintain social distancing. Further, he made them understand about quarantine and to go to the doctor if any symptoms are there.

Social work is the art of listening to those who can’t ask for help themselves. Social workers are god-sent angels to help those in need believes Akmal Ali Khan. 

He kept upto the expectations of each one of those who believed in him. He is a soft-hearted person and he even does a lot of social work to help those in need. He wants to serve as a helping hand to those in need. He always stands by the place of need. He is one of those people who remember when they need help.

He even speaks about girl child education. He is trying continuously to increase the literacy rate of girl child education in his area. He thinks that change begins at home. He is soon going to do awareness campaigns about the same.

Akmal Ali Khan takes this as his duty to make as many people aware about this. He finds it necessary that one should be independent regardless of their gender.  There should be no differentiation performed for educating a child. You may follow him on Insta here.


Ajay Deep

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