Hike Messenger App to Launch Digital Payments in India, Ahead of Whatsapp

Hike in India has gone a step ahead than its cousins like Whatsapp in introducing a Digital Payment platform as a feature in the application. The messenger app already has a good amount of market share but not as good as whatsapp whose Indian consumer base is whopping 200 million. Certainly, the statistics called for a feature which would target its growth and wide consumer reach, therefore Hike in India is all set to introduce this digital payment platform wherein the mechanism would enable the consumer to make cashless payments online.

About the Digital Payment Feature of Hike in India

The feature would be based on a mechanism which would have security features installed prior to usage for safe transactions. The app is looking forward to have a collaboration with an Indian banking system to have a localised aid for easier and smoother running of the application. Competing to an altogether different level with existing online forums like We-Chat, the application is all set to give a stiff competition to Whatsapp which is driven by Facebook, also all set to incorporate a payment feature on similar lines in a matter of six months from now by tying up with BHIM and UPI.

About Hike in India

Hike in India, not a premium messaging app but surely has captured wide arena of tech-savvy population of the country. Backed by Tencent and Foxconn who have valued the company at $1.4 billion, Hike in India has pushed itself beyond limits to reach out to the masses. Bagging the title of raising a whopping amount of $175 million from the above mentioned firms, Hike’s Digital Payment feature in India is going to be a boon for the Digital world out there.

 Developments of Digital Payment Feature of Hike

Striving hard to link the feature with governmental agencies and unified payments interface (UPI) which is run by Government of India, Hike is making all the efforts to have a wide reach of consumer base in the Indian territory. Here are all the efforts and recent development in lieu of this platform of digital payments introduced by Hike in India :

  • Tie-up with Government-backed unified payments interface (UPI)
  • Peer-to-peer payments within the app system
  • Enabling digital transactions like recharges, data plans, subscriptions etc.
  • Can work with or without internet facility
  • Easier, smoother and better transactions
  • Incorporation of integrating payments into the app

World is transforming into digital and adopting this “digitalisation” in its app, Hike’s new feature surely would be a blessing in disguise for India post Digital India programme. What more in this world of digitisation one wants? An app to manage your funds, make payments online, easier and smoother transactions without utilising much space in your phone, because, Hello ! the feature would be incorporated in the messenger itself. So carry your bank in your pockets for the tech-savvy population wants “Nothing but comforts.”


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