Honor Band 3, Wearable Technology Launched in India | Know Price, Features, Specifications & Details

Honor Band 3 has been launched in India with heart tracker features and much more in it. The most sought after wearable device by the tech-savvy population boasts of its magnificent launch in India with outstanding features never seen before. Huawei’s sub brand, as they say, Honor Band 3 has made its way to Indian sub-continent with the most welcoming response it could ever get anywhere in the world. Honor Band 3 also termed as the Smart Band has exquisite features worth drooling over making the gadget freaks going gaga over the launch of Honor Band 3 in India in 2017.

Honor Band 3 Launched in India

Dedicated to create and innovate the gadgets that revolve around ever evolving technological advancements in a seamless world like ours, Honor Band 3 has carved a niche for itself among all the other gadgets of the forte like apple watches etc. as its contemporary rivals competing for market share. Striving forth with an aim to create a better lifestyle of individuals in the fast paced world, Honor Band 3 in India is one such launch that is creating a vibe of making the world a better and fitter place to live in. Fitness devices like these not only promote health conscious mindsets to set higher targets for themselves but also gives them an opportunity to work tirelessly to achieve their goals of possessing a sound mind in the healthy body.

Honor Band 3 In India, Specifications

Reaching out and catering to a large chunk of fitness enthusiast yet tech savvy population in India, Honor Band 3 is indeed a smart wearable device that shuns all your stress and woes of tracking your workout regime. The handy yet smart device, Honor Band 3 proudly boasts of a 0.91″ display screen with a reasonable good resolution of 128 x 32 pixels. Weighing as low as about 18 grams with a Bluetooth 4.2 support system installed in it, Honor Band 3, the device can work with various operating systems like Andriod 4.4 or iOS 8.0.

Furthermore, the constant monitoring system on your sleep, workout etc. by the Honor Band 3 keeps a close watch to make your lifestyle better in a world that is becoming quite monotonous with the robotic lifestyle in our home and work environs we encounter.

Honor Band 3 Price In India

Priced at a nominal range of INR 2799, Honor Band 3 comes in three color variants to choose from. The color range of Black, Blue, and Orange in Honor Band 3 simply nails the art of aesthetics in a gadget. Serving as a walking & running tracker to sleep tracker to taking up the task of being a caller ID to making you able to reject the incoming calls n your phones, you name it Honor Band 3 has it. With its 3-day battery life feature adding a feather to the cap, you can get this reasonably priced device of Honor Band 3 online at Amazon India which started selling the smart band, Honor Band 3 from July 20, 2017 onwards along with the 1 year warranty of service along with the purchase.

Honor Band 3 In India, The New Age Mom!

Serving as a good partner in crime, Honor Band 3  keeps a check on all your activities like a Mom! Like our mothers keep a track of what we do the entire day, more or less, Honor Band 3 tracks all your activities throughout the day. Not only this, a detailed analysis performed by Honor Band 3 on you makes you undergo self-introspection to assess your routine.

Right from serving as a Accelerometer, to cardiotachometer tracking your heart rate to counting a number of calories burnt, Honor Band 3 does it all. Also, it’s waterproof nature can make you take it t your swimming sessions to perform the same analysis. The five key areas of warm up session followed by aerobic, fat burning one to anaerobic and extreme, Honor Band 3 tells you in what range of intensity your workout lies in.

Well, the real-time constantly watching you from closely, you have an ‘honest partner in crimes’ as Honor Band 3 with you with its launch in India.

Source : IndianExpress



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