How has cricket evolved over the years?

As it has happened with many other sports, cricket is not static. Since its creation many centuries ago, it has been evolving quite a lot. At the website you can find all sorts of wagers on the best cricket matches from all over the world.

Initially, cricket was a leisurely pastime for the gentry. However, it then became the heartbeat of nations, thanks to the British spreading it around the world. By the time the 19th century rolls around, plenty of other countries adopted the game like it was their own, with 3 examples being:

  • Australia;
  • India;
  • and the West Indies.

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Introducing different formats

Of course, the format of the game has evolved too. On one side we have Test cricket, which is timeless, stretching over 5 days, where strategy plays out like a chess match. You can always use the application 1xBet iOS to wager on the best Test matches too.

Then, one-day cricket entered the scene in the 1960s, slicing the game down to 50 overs a side. This basically was quick, satisfying and perfect for TV.

Just when you thought cricket had settled down, along comes T20 in the early 2000s, shaking things up. If you want to wager on this format of the sport, the 1xBet iOS application is something that you can get today.

This format has 20 overs per team, and you have a game that’s done in less than 2 hours. The Indian Premier League (IPL) cranks it up a notch, turning T20 into this blockbuster event with all the glitz of a Hollywood premiere.

Technology and the women’s game

Technology was also introduced to the sport too. It brought in gadgets and gizmos like the 3rd umpire, Hawk-Eye, and the Decision Review System (DRS). Thanks to this, the sport became clearer, fairer, and way more engaging. If you enjoy this discipline go to 1xBet – best cricket betting online can be used to wager on everything that happens on cricket matches.

And let’s not breeze past the women’s game, which has skyrocketed in popularity. The Women’s T20 World Cup in 2020 was a smash hit, with stadiums packed and viewers glued to their screens. It’s a clear sign that women’s cricket is here, which is very entertaining as well. The best online cricket betting is present at 1xBet, where plenty of women’s matches are available too.


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