How Pristyn Care Helped Patient To Say Bye To Chronic Piles

Story inspires us to take action and move ahead in life while fighting and conquering all the hurdles. The following story is a testimony of a patient from Pristyn Care who had bid his final bye to chronic piles that he had suffered for years. His name is Saurav Grover (name changes due to privacy concern). He became restless due to pain and discomfort caused by piles. When the pain became unbearable, He went for diagnosis and the doctor suggested laser surgery. We have kept his emotions and experience as real as possible with a minor change. 

Consultation & Diagnosis 

I was suffering from piles for the last one and a half years. I decided to consult a doctor in Delhi when I started experiencing excruciating pain due to piles. The final surgical journey started when I came across Pristyn Care as it cured me from piles permanently. I booked an appointment and met the doctor. Before performing the surgery, the doctor did some tests. This includes Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) where the doctor inserted a gloved lubricated finger into the rectum to find out the grade and the severity of piles. Looking at the severity, the surgeon also did a sigmoidoscopy test as well that helped in understanding the condition properly. 

After the diagnosis, I came to know that I had Grade 3 piles. However, looking at the best option, the doctor suggested laser surgery as it was the only treatment option I was left with. I was also surprised to know that a disease like piles can be treated in just one day. Hence, after looking at the benefits and comparing it with the other treatment options, I was completely convinced and decided to go with it. I got the next day’s schedule for the surgery.

Day Of The Surgery

On the day of the surgery, Pristyn Care had sent a cab that picked me up from home. After reaching the hospital, I was accompanied by a Care Buddy provided by the Pristyn team. The care buddy completed all the formalities at the hospital on my behalf. He also showed me my private consultation room which was well managed. 

Within a few minutes, the hospital staff helped me prepare for the surgery. Then the surgeon came in and thoroughly checked a couple of parameters such as blood pressure and body temperature. This helps the doctor in being sure that the anaesthesia does not cause any side effects to me. After all this, I was given general anaesthesia. Then the surgery started and got completed in around 30-40 minutes. 

Since I was treated with modern and advanced medical instruments by highly experienced and skilled doctors, I faced no complications during or after the procedure. It was almost painless and bloodless piles surgery. It was a daycare procedure, so I did not have to even stay in the hospital post my surgery. Pristyn Care also handled the treatment cost from my health insurance. So, I did not have to worry much about my medical expenses.

A Final Bye To Chronic Piles

Post the surgery, I was discharged from the hospital the same day. Since piles laser surgery involves no cuts or stitches, I experienced no complications and recovered quickly. With the help of highly experienced surgeons and modern medical technologies, Pristyn Care helped me say a final bye to my chronic piles. It’s been more than seven months now and I am completely relieved and feel great for my decision to choose Pristyn Care. 

Why I Choose Laser Surgery

There are various advantages of laser surgery that makes it a preferred treatment for piles. The reasons for choosing laser surgery is that it takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. It’s a daycare procedure. So, there is no need for hospitalization. You are discharged the same day. It’s a painless surgical procedure where the pain is almost zero. This modern and advanced surgical treatment is safer in comparison to conventional or open piles surgery. The blood vessels are sealed during this procedure. Hence, there is minimum bleeding during the procedure. 

Laser surgery involves no cuts or wounds. So, recovery is quite fast. You can resume your daily activities 48 hours after the surgery with some guidelines. There are minimum and temporary complications post-surgery. Since there are no stitches, there are no scars left after surgery is done. The chances of recurrence are negligible with 99% success rate. 

Looking at all these benefits of piles laser surgery, it can be considered as the best treatment for piles. If you are experiencing any symptoms of piles or suffering from it, you can contact Pristyn Care as it has the best doctors and most advanced medical instruments.


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