How to Crack the UPSC Civil Services / IAS Exam? (Expert Tips and Tricks)

The UPSC, or Union Public Service Commission examination, is famous as the most challenging entrance examination in India. Hence, preparing for this examination requires a lot of hard work. But that is not all! Students will also need to know the different tips for cracking the UPSC exam. What are these tips? And will considering these give students a competitive edge? In this article, we have mentioned the top 13 tips to help UPSC aspirants. Read on! 

Some Excellent Tips for Cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination

With the help of the tips listed below, students will be able to ace their examination and enhance their chances of cracking it.

  1. Know the Syllabus

    The first tip for the UPSC exam is to understand the syllabus of the competitive entrance exam thoroughly. This will help to understand how much studying and hard work will be required. Furthermore, by knowing the syllabus, students will also be able to get a clearer view of how many months they will need to cover all the important topics. 

  2. Use the Best Resources

    Of course, studying for any examination is not possible without the best resources. This helps students understand each concept in depth. Hence, they will be confident enough when appearing for regular tests and on the actual day of the examination. But what are the different study resources that students can rely on for extensive preparation? These include a combination of books, notes, and the internet. This way, students will be able to gather as much knowledge as possible and excel in the IAS examination

  3. Assess the Previous Years’ Question Papers

    Assessing the questions of the UPSC exams, especially those of the previous 5 years, is also necessary for the aspirants. Why? Because these will allow students to thoroughly understand what kind of questions are asked in the examination. This will provide them with a sense of direction by helping them understand which topic to focus on more. Furthermore, students will also get to understand the difficulty level of the IAS entrance examination. This is necessary to help them be mentally prepared and study with more zeal. 

  4. Focus on Current Affairs

    The knowledge of current affairs depicts how excellently the candidates are aware of the society and environment that they live in. This is an integral part of the UPSC preparation process. To ace themselves in the current affairs section of the examination, students must thoroughly read the newspapers. There are many current affairs booklets available in bookstores and online as well. These will prove to be very effective in a better study experience. 

  5. Create an Effective and Realistic Time Table

    One of the most trusted strategies among students preparing for the IAS examinations is to have a timetable. This should not only decide the study hours and the topics that students will cover during that hour of the day but also ensure that there are ample breaks throughout the day. Preparing a realistic timetable and following it every day will guarantee that students are better equipped to crack the UPSC examination. 

  6. Solve Mock Tests Effectivel

    Solving sample papers, mock tests, topic-wise assessments, and question papers from previous years is one of the most essential things for aspirants. By following this tip for the UPSC exam, students will be able to gain conceptual clarity. They will also learn the art of time management. Furthermore, the students will be able to understand what topics they are strong at and which ones are their weaknesses. 

  7. Revise Aggressively

    Revision is one of the essential pillars of the preparation journey for cracking the IAS examination. Revision does not only imply re-reading everything just before the examination. It also involves going through what students have studied periodically. This will help the students remember the concepts for a longer tenure and recall them instantly during the examination. Hence, aggressive and consistent revision will benefit the student in many ways. 

  8. Divide and Rule the Syllabus

    The syllabus of the UPSC entrance examination is exhaustive. Viewing it as one complete and large entity might end up overwhelming the students. Hence, it is essential to divide this syllabus into multiple smaller sections and then study it. This is a proven and effective technique that will help students cover the syllabus within the given time and help them understand everything properly. 

  9. Be Consistent

    The best thing that a student can do to crack the UPSC examination is to be consistent with the preparation journey. Studying comprehensively for 2-3 days a week and relaxing for the remainder days will not benefit students at all. Of course, putting in the hard work and studying for long hours seems apparent when preparing for the examination. However, students should also understand the importance of smart study techniques and develop them for the best benefits possible. 

  10. Practice Answer Writing

    Answer writing is also an essential skill that every IAS aspirant must strive to develop. If students wish to clear the UPSC Mains examination, they must write the answers in a clear, descriptive, and outstanding manner. For this, ample training and practice are vital, too. Of course, writing the correct answers is not enough, and students must also keep an eye on the clock when doing this. Hence, time management and answer-writing skills go hand in hand. You are also advised to join a reputed IAS Coaching Institute.

  11. Develop the Best Note-Taking Skills

    Writing notes about whatever students have studied will help them during the revision session. It is a good idea to alternate between short notes and detailed notes depending on the weightage of that topic. There are many benefits of writing down whatever students have learned during their preparation. These include improved focus, increased creativity, better knowledge retention, and an extended attention span for the students. Hence, students who have developed the creative habit of making notes while studying for the IAS examination will have a better shot of scoring high in the exam. 

  12. Prioritise Physical and Mental Health

    Many students tend to put long hours into studying, especially when it comes to the toughest examination in the nation. However, to be successful in such exams, students must also take care of their overall well-being. Hence, regular exercises are necessary to ensure that students are fit and able to concentrate on their studies better. Of course, when students study so hard and take tests regularly, it is easy for them to get stressed and feel anxious. To avoid such situations and to ensure that they do not affect the productivity of the students, staying mentally fit is also essential. This can be achieved more efficiently when students have an excellent support system. This is one of the most effective tips and tricks to crack the UPSC exam

  13. Seek Professional Guidance

    Lastly, students must also seek guidance from professionals to ensure a better performance in the IAS examination. There are many excellent coaching institutes across the country where seasoned faculty members will help students navigate the complexity of the examination. At these institutes, students will also get access to the most comprehensive study notes and other necessary facilities that will support them. For the best assistance possible, all students need is to put ample thought into finding the right UPSC coaching Institute near them. 

Conclusion on How to Crack the IAS Exam

Those were the top 13 tips and tricks to crack the UPSC examination. With these in mind, students will be better equipped to understand this exam and approach it with the right mindset.

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