How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker

Have you ever heard about video poker? Basically, this is a casino game, which is largely similar to slot machines, except for the fact that it allows you to have some control over the outcome of the game. In general, there are several video poker variations, the oldest of which is Jacks or Better.

The following article can help anyone interested in Jacks or Better video poker find some more information on how to play the game and how to increase their winning chances.

  • Game Rules

Before you proceed to play Jacks or Better video poker, you should learn how to play the game. The good news is that those are very easy – basically, you just place a bet and try to obtain a hand that features a pair of jacks or better. If your hand does not include such cards, the house wins.

Playing Jacks or Better video poker is very easy. To do it, you select the number of credits you want to stake, choosing between one and five on one hand. Usually, credits are worth between $0.25 and $1 a piece but you can surely get some extra credits as a bonus at

You are dealt five cards by the machine and need to choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to discard in order to get new ones – just like playing five-card draw poker. Once you are dealt new cards, your final hand determines whether you win or lose.

The better your hand is, the more money you will win, so it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the ranking of poker hands before playing Jacks or Better video poker.

  • Jacks or Better Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Jacks or Better video poker has some of the best odds at casinos. The optimal version of Jacks or Better boasts RTP of as much as 99.5%, so long as you play using the best strategy. If you do not utilise a strategy while playing this variation of video poker, you put yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Video poker strategies are generally developed by expert players and are displayed in strategy charts, which can be found at gift shops and online. Essentially, these charts show how many cards to discard or hold, depending on what you are dealt. To improve your video poker skills, we advise you to pay attention to strategy charts while playing Jacks or Better.

Regardless of what video poker strategy you use, you should take the following tips into account when playing this Jacks or Better game – the following tips can substantially increase your winning chances.

  • If you need only one card to a Flush or a Straight, draw only one additional card.
  • When your initial hand shows three cards of a Royal Flush, draw only two additional hands.
  • Does your initial hand have three cards of a Straight Flush? If so, hold all three of them and discard the ones you do not need.
  • Whenever you receive a pair of hands, keep them regardless of whether they are high or low and discard all other cards.

In addition, we would like to advise you to slow down your gaming each time you play Jacks or Better video poker. The payout percentage of Jacks or Better is 99.5%, which is really great, but you should not forget that the game has a very fast pace and often results in losing tens of hands per hour.

As a matter of fact, should you play at turbo speed, you are likely to play hundreds of hands an hour, if not more – and you will not win all of them. Avoid losing all of your money right away and slow down the tempo to enjoy your favourite video poker variation for longer.


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