How to Select the Most Efficient Water Purifier That Is Reasonably Priced Too?

Picture this! You are having a reliable and steady supply of fresh, clean, free from contaminant water that you are using to stay hydrated, wash your foods, prepare your foods, and ultimately remain healthy.

Sounds good, right? Coming back to the PRESENT!

If you genuinely want that to be your reality, then, my friend, you will need to install an efficient water purifier.

But the conundrum is, every year, many Indian manufacturers flood the market with a plethora of different water purifiers — all with diverging features, functions, and costs.

Thus, it becomes overwhelming and daunting to select the right type of water purifier that is not only efficient for your use but also reasonably priced.

And if you are not acquainted with the ins and outs of the water purifiers, you might end up purchasing the wrong one or waste your time reading heaps of different reviews online.

As a matter of fact, no water purifier can actually eliminate or remove all the contaminants from the drinking water, and this, in turn, makes it harder for you to select.

However, you can still opt for the one that can come at least close to provide you the ideal drinking water.

So to give you a headstart, here we are with this guide to help you find the perfect water filter.

What’s In Your Water?

Before you select the water filter or purifier, you’ll need to understand exactly what is it that is contaminating your water or what you need to filter the most.

This can vary depending on the city you reside in and also the area. Not just that, but it also depends on your water supplier.

As mentioned before, a water purifier does not eliminate all the contaminants from your water. So, it means this is not one-size-fits-all; that’s the reason you should tailor for a water purifier that focalizes on the predicaments particular to your drinking water.

To do that, you can contact your local water supplier and ask for a water quality report. Alternatively, you also find that information on the supplier’s website.

If you rely on more specific and accurate results, you can send your water sample to a certified lab in your area or city.

Generally, your water will be either high or low in TDS; either the case, you will still need a water purifier to filter it effectively. One way of purifying the water is by modifying it to become alkaline and you can achieve that by installing a Tyent water ionizer.

How to Select the Most Efficient Water Purifier?

Selecting the water purifier from hordes of different water filters is a challenging task. Well, that’s if you are not sure of where to look exactly.

To keep vexation at bay, try to adhere to these questions that we’ve mentioned below. Once you do follow them, you’ll be in a much better place to evaluate the purifier and filter it out from the cheap and ineffective ones.

What Does the Water Purifier Do?

If you have the water quality report, you know what contaminants are in your drinking water.

So, it’s time for you to figure out which water purifier will eliminate the contaminants.

Let’s suppose you found your water to be high in TDS. Here you will have to go for RO water purifiers. That’s because they have a permeable membrane that effectively clears the water from contaminants, especially high in dissolved solids.

On the Other hand, if your water is low in TDS, you should opt for UF or UV water purifiers. They can effectively clean and kill all the bacterias and germs inside the water.

Here’s the table that will make things simpler:

TDS Levels Purifier
50 – 250 ppm UV, UF, or combination UF + UV
250 – 500 ppm RO, or combination RO+UV
Above 500 ppm RO+UV

What’s the Cost?

Now that you know which water purifier will efficiently clean your drinking water, it’s time to consider the price.

Price can alter your decision, whether you want it or not. The cost can vary depending on its feature, functions, output technology, and so forth.

You can find water purifiers from anywhere between 2.5k to all the way up to 15k. The price can go above the range, depending on the features and technology.

So you should ruminate about your budget, ease of installation, maintenance, and so on things before you purchase one.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Depending on your size, you can select the particular water filter.

The water usage can represent the size of water you’ll need to filter, which will, in turn, relate to the cost being topsy-turvy.

Maybe you need water for the entire family, or perhaps you just need it for yourself; it depends on your use. So make sure that you figure that out.

Is it Certified or Trusted?

With this era of information and technology, online frauds are a common thing. To ensure that you don’t get palmed off, make sure to look for certifications on your water purifier. Look for certifications such as NSF, WQA, or ISI.

It is really prudent to make sure that the water purifier you are selecting is certified; it makes the brand authentic, let alone reliable.

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Our Word

Investing in a water purifier is an excellent decision you will make. It is the best way to ensure that you and your family are drinking safe, clean, and contaminant-free drinking water.

Make sure that you are keeping the factors mentioned above in your mind before narrowing down your selection to one water purifier.

That said, if you have any qualms, leave a comment down below. We would love to hear from you guys and reply as soon as possible.


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