HP Pro 8 Tablet Launched in India | Check Specs, Feature, Price & Review

The much awaited HP Pro 8 tablet has now been launched in India and at the lucrative subsidized rates under the government scheme. HP Pro 8 Tablets are considered as one of the best devices that are being made available by the Government of India with amazing features. The distribution of HP Pro 8 Tablet is monitored for the subsidy through the authentication of Aadhaar.  The device enables the user to work in any vernacular language.

Review of HP Pro 8 Tablet launched in India

HP Pro 8 Tablet comes in a basic model and supports 22 regional languages of India. This is not all. The HP Pro 8 Tablet features some unique specifications for Aadhaar authentication, which includes the thermal printer, iris and fingerprint scanner, bar code scanner for the management of the inventories and magnetic-stripe reader to support financial transactions.

With  15 hours of battery life, HP Pro 8 Tablet comes as a dust and water resistant device. The Pro 8 Tablet by HP houses a 4G-support and a strong battery for ensuring smoother and longer connectivity even in remotest of the areas.

Specs & features of HP Pro 8 Tablet

Talking about the specifications and the features of HP Pro 8 tablet, it is powered by Quad Core MediaTek 8735 processor with 2 GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. The internal storage of HP Pro 8 Tablet can also be expanded up to 64 GB via microSD card. The tablet, HP Pro 8, runs on Android Marshmallow and houses 6,000mAh high-capacity battery. This unique tablet of HP, Pro 8 also has a Micro-USB slot along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Other features of this tablet include the proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor along with 8-inches IPS display.  

HP Pro 8 Tablet price & review

The price of HP Pro 8 Tablet in India is set to be 19,374 and comes with some pre loaded apps for government functionalities. The HP Pro 8 Tablet is launched in India to monitor various healthcare schemes. The HP Pro 8 Tablet is also launched in India for the efficient delivery of food products at the subsidized rate under the Public Distribution System (PDS), comprehensive mediation of various state and central government initiatives and other various flagship programs.

Source: themobileindia.com


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