Hyundai Tuscon 4WD (Four-Wheel Drive) In India Soon | Read More Details Here

According to reports, Hyundai may soon introduce the Tuscon 4WD variant. After Hyundai silently stopped the production of its top-end GLS trim of the Hyundai Tucson there are speculations that the company may soon launch Hyundai Tuscon 4WD in India. Till now, Hyundai was offering the GLS trim with a diesel engine and FWD (Four-wheel drive) configuration. The top of the line variant is likely to be replaced by an AWD variant of the Hyundai Tuscon.

Hyundai may introduce 4WD (Four wheel drive) in Hyundai Tuscon

The AWD (All wheel drive) system is currently being used by Hyundai in various variants that are designed for the international markets. Reports are the new Tuscon is likely to get the same AWD system in India.

The AWD system is one of the systems that is on-demand one. The AWD system routes the engine’s power to all the wheels with the best traction. The power of the engine can also be locked in the vehicle to distribute the power in a 50:50 front to rear split.

Hyundai Tuscon may get a 4WD soon

There had been a lack of 4WD models in the Hyundai line-up and with the report of Hyundai introducing 4WD Hyundai Tuscon, it is being guessed that Hyundai is planning to launch the AWD Tucson to fill in the void.

There has been no official announcement on the launch or the details about the new Hyundai Tuscon 4WD variant but the details about the changes in the Hyundai Tuscon SUV will be soon revealed by the company. It has been reported that Hyundai Motors has already initiated the production of the AWD variant of the Tucson and Hyundai dealers will be able to make the deliveries of the SUV all-new Hyundai Tuscon within few weeks of its launch.

Under the hood, Hyundai Tuscon

The Hyundai Tucson is expected to be powered by a 4-cylinder, 2-litre petrol as well as diesel engines. While the petrol unit will produce 153 BHP / 192 Nm, the diesel variant is expected to churn out 182 BHP / 400 Nm.

The diesel engine run, top-end GLS variant of the SUV will come mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and will be offered in 4WD option.

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