ICSE, ISC Lowers Minimum Pass Percentage For Class 10th & 12th Board Exams | Check Revised Marking Scheme Here

ICSE, ISC board of education which runs in parallel with the CBSE board has revised its marking scheme for Class 10th & 12th board exams from the upcoming academic session of 2018-19 onward. The upgradation or revision in the marking scheme as the evaluation criteria for the students of Class 10th & 12th of ICSE & ISC boards has been proposed and finalised by the Board. The minimum pass percentage required to score by the Class 10th & 12th candidates now has been lowered by the board recently as per the proposition by the higher authorities. Candidates of Class 10th & 12th board classes of the ICSE & ISC certification schools can check the details of the revised marking scheme of the board here.

ICSE, ISC Lowers Minimum Pass Percentage For Class 10th & 12th Students | Here’s Why 

The minimum marks required to secured by the candidates in the ICSE & ISC board exams have been lowered by the authorities. The newly constituted higher authority of Inter-Board Working Group (IBWG) by the Ministry of Human Resource & Development (MHRD) which was formulated to inter link the states boards with CBSE and other leading school boards running in India proposed the decision. The body was constituted to formulate laws and keep a scrutiny check on the activities of various boards along with strict vigilance ensured on the working system of the scrapping the moderation policy and the spiking or inflation of marks by some educational institutions.

In order to bring parity and issue uniformity in the various state run education boards and leading CBSE & ICSE boards, the dip observed in the minimum pass percentage of marks scored by the students appearing in the Class 10th & 12th board exams has been introduced to ensure close proximity with other boards.

ICSE, ISC Revises Marking Scheme For Class 10th & 12th Board Exams | Check New Criteria Here

The latest revision introduced by the IBWG under the able guidance of MHRD, the lowered pass marks criteria of the candidates has been fsed and decided by the board itself. As of now, the criteria to be declared as pass from Class 10th from the ICSE board, a candidate had to score a minimum of 35% which has been reduced to 33% after revision. Therefore, the dip has been observed bringing relief to the students who were at borderline of the previous pass marks in the Class 10th ICSE board exam.

The similar dip is observed in the ISC board Class 12th board exams from previously being at 40% to now 35% as the minimum marks to be scored by the student. The same revised norms of the marking scheme in reducing the pass marks of the Class 10th & 12th students from the ICSE board bringing it at parity with the CBSE board shall be implemented from the next academic session of 2018-2019 with no change being implemented from 2018 exams.

Well, this surely acts as a sigh of relief for the students of Class 10th & Class 12th students studying in the ICSE, ISC boards which now shall be at par with the other state boards & CBSE board at least in terms of marking scheme and evaluation criteria, all thanks to the works of IBWG under MHRD.

Source : ET


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