Idea Revises its 357 Plan With 4G Data & Unlimited Calls & Here’s How it Compares to Jio & Airtel

A few days back Reliance Jio increases the price of its packs and replaced some old packs with the new packs. And now after this, all other telecom operators are taking advantage of the price hike of Reliance Jio Packs and launched some attractive packs with free outgoing roaming calls and SMS. the first one to launch pack with outgoing roaming calls after Jio is Airtel and now Idea also launched the same.

Idea has launched Idea 357 plan with free outgoing Roaming Calls and 100 SMS per day. Jio 4G doesn’t have any plan that comes with 28GB data. the monthly plan of Jio is 149 plan and it comes with 4.2GB data. Here are the full details of Idea 357 plan. Check it out.

Idea 357 Plan Details With Unlimited Calling & 28GB Data

The Idea 357 plan is same plan that Idea launched earlier. But now after the revision in the Idea 357 plan, the new plan now comes with free outgoing roaming calls and with 100 SMS per day. Earlier these two benefits are not there in the Idea 357 plan. Apart from this, Idea 357 plan comes with free calling to anywhere in India. In 357 plan of Idea, the company is offering 28GB 4G data with the daily limit of 1GB. The validity of the Idea 357 plan is 28 days.

Idea Vs Jio Vs Airtel Monthly Plan Comparison

Idea vs Jio Vs Airtel Validity Details –  Starting with the validity comparison of monthly plans of Airtel, Idea and Jio. All the monthly packs of Jio, idea and Airtel comes with the validity of 28 days.

Idea Vs Jio Vs Airtel Price Details – The price of Airtel monthly plan is 349, the price of Idea monthly plan is 357 and the price of Jio monthly plan is Rs.149. In the price comparison, Jio monthly plan is the cheapest among all.

Idea Vs Jio Vs Airtel Data Details – In the Airtel 349 monthly plan, Airtel is offering 28GB high-speed 4G data. Idea is also offering the same 28GB data in Idea 357 plan. The daily limit of data usage in Airtel and Idea plan is 1GB. In Jio monthly plan 149 comes with 4.2GB data. the daily limit of usage of data in Jio 149 plan is 0.15GB.

Idea Vs Jio Vs Airtel Calls & SMS – All calls are free in all the monthly packs of Airtel, Idea and Jio. Roaming calls are free. Idea and Airtel are offering 100 SMS per day while Jio is giving total 300 SMS.

Source – TTalk



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