4G Speed Test by TRAI | Idea Beats Airtel, Reliance Jio Tops List & Other Details

Idea 4G has stolen the show by winning against Airtel 4G in terms of internet speed. The tests were conducted by TRAI and are the official results as announced by ZeeBiz. Reliance Jio 4G is, however, the fastest 4G network in India.

The ongoing ‘Telecom War’ seems to be never ending and the “Need For Speed” race shall continue till eternity. With Reliance Jio being the Usain Bolt of all, the tough fight continues as to who bags the second position. Idea Vs Airtel battle has become the talk of the town since the times Idea Cellular has launched its 4G and surprisingly Idea 4G has beaten Airtel 4G.

The Third Umpire – TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has become the third umpire and a keen witness to the entire battle. The web portal which gives fluctuating and varying results on its screen has given the second slot to Idea Cellular’s 4G network as against Airtel’s 4G Network. Reliance Jio though has maintained its position and league where it’s not only difficult to break and reach but also maintain the position in a world that is changing every passing second.

MySpeed portal of TRAI has brought forth the facts in an unaltered form available to one and all, showcasing the ‘Transparency’ of the system under which it works.

Airtel, Idea & Jio 4G Network with Their Speed

When words fail, statistics come to rescue. Speaking volumes about the speeds, networks, coverage areas, data packs and breaching clientele from one another, what not have we heard before since the times Reliance Jio has hit the market. So here are a few statistical data from which it won’t be difficult to corroborate facts out of gimmicks.

  • Reliance Jio tops the list of having an average speed of 15.04 mbps with fastest 4G Network tag.
  • Idea Cellular bags the next slot with an average speed of 11.93 mbps.
  • Airtel comes next with speed of 10.69 mbps.
  • Players like Vodafone are at 8.10 mbps, reasonably okay.
  • Blame the league but Reliance Communications, the bigger umbrella delivers only 3.9 mbps speed
  • Maximum profits from average speeds incurred by Reliance Jio
  • The gain graph goes from 8.34 mbps to 16.48 mbps from Jan to March’17
  • Increase graph of Idea Cellular shows appreciation of 10.56 to 12.09 mbps
  • Depreciation of Airtel occurs by 11.86 to 10.43 mbps

The Judgement Criteria of Idea’s 4G vs Airtel’s 4G

The huge advertisement campaign launched by Airtel in March’17 proclaiming itself to be the Fastest 4G Network has not gone down real well with consumers as the real data begs to differ on the issue. Meanwhile, the judgement criteria adopted by TRAI to put forth these results lie in the fact that calculations are averaged out over a period of time to predict and depict real data to Indian consumers.

“Averaging out the speed data collected from various consumers on the grounds of crowdsourcing by initiation if a speed test by the company, over a period of last quarter of three months, the trends are updated on the 1st of every month”, which is why the authenticity in the functioning of the system prevails.

Whoever wins, whoever loses, As long as they deliver to their consumers the best of what they’ve got, we would say, keep going as the “War is still on.”

Image Source = ZeeBiz

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