IIFA 2017 Faces Criticism, Slammed As ‘Sham’ by Censor Board | Know Why Board Did So?

IIFA 2017 has created waves around the globe whilst taking our nation’s media by storm with the global event that was held in New York City this year. While most of the nation enjoyed watching IIFA 2017 on Sunday evening, the Censor Board in India had an altogether different story to tell.

Mentioning the ugly side of the most famous and sought after Award Show of Indian Cinema, IIFA 2017 is being criticized for portraying a falsified image of Indian Cinema on a Global Map. Slammed as a ‘sham’ by the Censor Board in India, IIFA gets rebuked and looked down upon in the parallel universe that exists in reality and not ‘false prestige.’

Know Why Censor Board Boycotts IIFA 2017?

IIFA 2017 which is an award show paying tribute to the most celebrated Indian Cinema on a global map, bringing in laurels from around the world as they claim gets severely criticized and rebuked by none other than the Censor Board in India. Here’s why Censor Board terms IIFA 2017 as a sheer act of ‘Hypocrisy.’

  • IIFA 2017 termed as a ‘paid vacation’ for Bollywood stars of India at foreign locations
  • The show business and hypocrisy in IIFA 2017 reflects in the nominations and awards given
  • IIFA 2017 leave out Aamir Khan starrer Dangal which brought laurels to India from around the world
  • Akshay Kumar’s Rustom & Airlift gets no nomination at IIFA 2017 while these movies rocked at Internationally
  • The movies of national interest gets no nomination, what to talk of awards given to them as recognition
  • Such movies being left out in the nominations of IIFA 2017 awards are on account of their actors not being a part of the award show
  • India’s most celebrated and renowned veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan too boycotted IIFA in 2011 on similar grounds
  • IIFA calls it representing Indian Cinema¬†via the International event¬†while only Bollywood is showcased which is not the Indian Cinema
  • Indian Cinema comprises of state level movies including Bangla, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi etc. which sadly gets no recognition

IIFA 2017, A Paid Vacation for B-Town Stars

Thrashing IIFA 2017 with bluntly honest heartfelt responses, IIFA 2017 has been called as a paid vacation for many Bollywood stars who went to New York on a paid vacation. Adding fuel to the fire, Many of them who were sponsored by IIFA 2017 did not even make it to the award show for exhaustion they encountered by partying hard the previous day.

What worse could happen when you realize that the entire outflow of money that is used in sponsoring the so-called vacation of Bollywood actors brings no returns to the Indian Government. Moreover, the entire expense borne by IIFA 2017 is our foreign exchange which is being exploited at such a massive level in sponsoring their stay, shopping sprees to sponsoring the tickets right from boarding, lodging of their servants, bodyguards, matrons, pets etc.

Such hypocrisy and double standards exhibited by IIFA 2017 in New York definitely leaves a huge question mark on the transparency and accountability of the IIFA people, which is indeed pretty sad.

Source: HT


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