IIT Kanpur Drug Menace | Hundreds of Students Consume Smack, Charas – Guards, Peons & Sweeping Staff Might be Involved

The prestigious IIT Kanpur administration has experienced a great shock as an internal inquiry disclosed that some students have indulged in consumption of drugs. Sources revealed that some security guards and fourth class employees were involved in the supply of prohibited medicines and drugs to students. Surti (tobacco), Smack, Charas (Cannabis) and Ganja (Hemp) were the major drugs consumed by the IIT Kanpur students.

IIT Kanpur administration has pasted posters showing effects of drugs on health to spread awareness among students. The institute is also planning to organize counselling sessions for the upcoming engineers. The IIT-Kanpur administration also had a meeting with the district magistrate and SSP to find a solution of the rising drug menace.

Outsiders Involved in IIT Kanpur Drug Menace

The director of the IIT Kanpur told that frisking of all the visitors is done by the security guards and no one is allowed to enter the campus without proper checking. However, there is a nearby place called Nankari, the route to which passes through the institute’s campus and always remains open. There is a possibility of peddlers using this route and the college administration is planning to close it and arrange another route for residents. The IIT Kanpur director said that we don’t want any outsiders to enter the hostels and therefore decided to provide a separate route for Nankari and Barasirhol residents.

IIT Kanpur to organize Counselling for Awareness about Drugs

IIT Kanpur is also planning to organize counselling sessions for students to spread awareness about the negative effects of drugs and prohibited medicines on health and their future. Police also came to know about some people involved in the supplying of drugs to students. Although the police were silent, a large quantity of hemp was seized from a security guard arrested by local police two months ago.

The state police have also passed inputs to the LIU (Local Intelligence Unit). A team of LIU is investigating the matter of drug menace and the IIT Kanpur administration hopes that it will come up with positive results, said the DM Kanpur Surendra Singh. In Addition, the local police have also been assigned the task of keeping an eye in and around the IIT-Kanpur campus, and also on those who were arrested earlier for their involvement in the drugs peddling.

Source: indiatoday.intoday.in


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