Importance of Bangles Among Indian Women

Just like ‘sindoor’, the bangle is an inseparable part of a married woman’s daily adornment of herself. It holds a special place of significance in all Hindu marriages and is an accessory that can never be done without. A golden bangle adds an extra sense of style to every woman’s look making her hands look more graceful and stylish. Though they are made up of different metals and cheap materials too, they are an indispensable part of a woman’s ethnic attire.


As bangles signify prosperity and a good married life, they are to be worn daily by all married women. With time bangles have come up with latest designs that are worn as a fashion statement too. Some designs come in different geometric shapes to give them a funky look. Well, most bangles come in the usual circular design as they are the best types to be worn at any occasion.


All regions around India have different connotations to bangles in their respective cultures. They form an integral part right from the time a girl’s marriage gets finalized. It is said, that a girl fit for marriage should never be without bangles. The following parts of India have a different magnitude of importance of bangles in their customs.

  • In the southern part of India, gold is considered a propitious type of jewellery for all married women. While some of their communities wear green coloured glass bangles accompanied with a few gold bangles, the affluent people wear several gold bangles showing their greater sense of prosperity and opulence.
  • In Bengal, we see a new bride wearing a conch shell made bangle along with several gold bangles. Women of this part of India wear the latest gold design bangles as it is a part of their custom. Their marriages are unthinkable without gold bangles and its latest designs.
  • In the region of Rajasthan and Gujarat, we see brides wearing ivory bangles commonly called chooda. The wealthy families accompany wearing gold bangles too with these ivory bangles to make it a better style statement and emit opulence.
  • Women of Punjab also wear ivory red bangles called chooda. After wearing these bangles for a span of forty days, a Punjabi woman must wear gold ring design for girls or red coloured glass bangles to show her signs of leading a prosperous married life.
  • The region of Maharashtra has women wearing green glass bangles that show their sign of marital status. Along with these glass bangles, they can also wear bangles design gold latest designs made of latest design which is called patlya or tode gifted by the groom’s family.

This is the significance of bangles in different cultures of India that denotes good luck and fertility.


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