India to Become Full-Grown 4G Power by 2018 | Reliance Jio to Play Key Role

The development of 4G services is growing steadily in India with Reliance Jio playing the major role. According to a new report, India will become a full grown 4G power by 2018. A London based company OpenSignal that specializes wireless coverage mapping around the world said in a report that Jio’s entry in the Indian market has kicked a price war in the telecom sector in India.

Reliance Jio may increase price of 4G Services

Reliance Jio has offered low price 4G services forcing other operators to dip their rates, thereby drawing more customers to 4G services than ever before. The report says that the trend is likely to continue next year, with Jio the dominant player in 4G growth. After a year of free and discounted 4G data, Jio may raise the prices of its services in 2018, that is going to level the playing field for telecom operators in India.

Jio has won the hearts of millions by offering first free and later discounted voice and data services in India. At present, there are more than 100 million users of Jio’s voice and 4G data services. The cellular data subscriber base is around 40 percent in India that is expected to double by the year 2022.

Growth of 4G LTE services in India

4G LTE services have played a major role in the unprecedented growth of data users in the last year. Jio is the major service provider. According to TRAI, a total of 4.2 million terabyte data was used in the April to June 2017 quarter, out of which 3.9 million terabyte was 4G data.

The availability of LTE services is remarkable in India. As per the OpenSignal report, users were able to connect to 4G LTE services 84% of the time. The figure is 10 percent more than the last year. This means that 4G services in India are better than in more established countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and UK.

As per the OpenSignal April report, This year Jio has managed to secure its lead in 4G availability with users able to access the LTE signals 91.6 percent of the time. The LTE services witnessed a dramatic rise in the first half, but the same cannot be said about 4G speeds

In the latest OpenSignal report India was at the lowest spot among total 77 nations with an average downloading speed of 6.1 Mbps that is 10 Mbps less than the global average speed. With telecom companies offering low-cost data plans and smartphone makers bringing affordable 4G phones the 4G availability is expected to maintain its rising curve across India.



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