Indian Railways To Become Digital | Aadhaar Based Biometrics Attendance System for Railway Employees

India Railway system going digital. In light of media reports and as per the information from trusted sources, Indian Railways is going to implement the Aadhaar card based Attendance system for all the railway employees. With the new transformations coming up in the country with the motto of transforming India to become Digitized, the Indian Railways department has taken a step forth. Indian Railways Staff now will have to carry their Aadhar cards to mark their attendance.

Indian Railways to Implement Aadhaar Card Based Biometric Attendance System 

As per some of the trusted sources, the news has been out regarding the installation of the new attendance system for Indian Railway Employees. In the coming year by 31st January 2018, Indian Railways Department is going to install the new Biometric system that will help mark the attendance of all the railway staff members. In the coming year, Indian Railways will take a step forth and implement the new system of attendance. This step was also initiated after the railway board noticed staff arriving late in offices.

According to the media reports, biometric attendance system that is going to be implemented by Railways Department next year is going to be the first in all the departments of the government. As per the orders passed by the government by 30th November 2017, biometric attendance system is going to be implemented for all the railway divisions including Zonal offices, Metro Railways Kolkata, Railways Workshop, Production Units, and Factories. According to the orders, the subordinate offices and Public Undertakings in Railway department will also get the new Aadhaar Card based biometric attendance system by 31st January 2018.

This step has been taken for preventing the negligence of the railway staff to come on time for the jobs.

Now Railways Will HAve Aadhaar Card Based Biometric Attendance System by 31st January 2018

According to the authorities, Indian Railways Department will soon get the new attendance system for the staff. Now, a biometric system of attendance will be implemented in all the departments of Indian Railways. Biometric system means that one has to mark his/ her attendance digitally. This decision has been taken on account of staff becoming careless.

Source – Times Now News 


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