Indian Railways To Propose an Extra Development Fee For AC Class Passengers | Here’s What Would Change

The Indian Railways has been witnessed to take certain kinds of steps and adopt various measures so as to make the train travel enjoyable as well as comfortable for the passengers. In a recent blow, for the passenger benefit, the Indian Railways has proposed an idea to charge a nominal amount in the name of a development fee.

This development fee which is to be charged by the Indian Railways from the passengers who prefer to travel in the AC Class will be charged to render certain kind of better facilities to the passengers at the railway stations. Whereas, a certain amount has been set for this user development fee which shall be charged and is very nominal for the passengers to pay without much pressure on their pockets.

Indian Railways To Charge Rs. 10 As User Development Fee

The Indian Railways has taken a step in order to formulate a class of facilities for the different kinds of passengers at the various railway stations. An amount of Rs. 10 in the name of a user development fee is proposed to be charged by the Indian Railways by the passengers who will be travelling in the AC Class.

The AC Class as well as the chair car tickets whose amount is likely to exceed a sum of Rs. 500 per trip will have to pay an additional amount of Rs. 10 in the name of the user development fee charged by the Indian Railways.

This move has been initiated by the Indian Railways so as to give the different passengers at the railway station so as to render them with the qualified facilities which are available to the passengers at the airports preferring flights over train journeys. The fees collected shall be used to maintain as well as upgrade the quality of the railway stations at different locations within the country.

Steps For Railway Station Upgradation

Whereas, no official decision regarding the user development fee to be charged by the Indian Railways has been made yet but the queries have been mailed to the Railway Ministry. Along with this, the government is taking steps as per its $1 trillion station redevelopment programme as per which, mandatory and significant steps to transform the railway stations more attractive, as well as passenger-friendly for the passengers, are being taken. The building of the escalators along with the lifts as well as shopping complexes for passenger convenience are being taken up.


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