Internet sensation Suhas Tejaskanda wants to see documentaries made on social issues in Bollywood movies

How many movies have you seen on social issues until now in B-town? The number will surely under 50. And if you count only Bollywood than may be under 25. We have seen B-town is growing at a rapid pace from the past decade or so everywhere in the world. Kudos to our cinema. After all, we are the emerging market of the cine world.

Many Directors and Producers have understood after Article 15, Batla House that movie on misuse of laws is on demand. We might see more movies in Bollywood in the coming years, which will be made on such social issues. We don’t know about B-town’s directors and Producers, but we came to know about Army lover and award-winning personality Suhas Tejaskanda Who is known for his Unattended Battlefield surveillance systems contribution to the Army.

Suhas Tejaskanda always wanted to join the Army but couldn’t make it through. But he never gave up; he gave his contribution to the Army with his latest devices which can save the life of our soldiers. Now Suhas Tejaskanda is planning to make a movie on social odds. It would be a series of documentaries on the misuse of Women laws. According to sources Suhas Tejaskanda wants to produce a movie on his father’s life struggle in creating a new education system and how he faces false allegations by few people misusing Women Laws. Ultimately the issue becomes the talk of the town and a few good teachers and his son helped him to come out of this vendetta. If things go according to his plan, then this young talent may produce a series of Movies on this real-life incident.

So if the rumors are right then we might see some beautiful movies made on modern social issues by this young talent Suhas Tejaskanda in coming years. It will be interesting to see how he manages this field which will be totally new for him.


Ajay Deep

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