Is Trading Bitcoin Hard? Easy Tips for Beginners and Profit

Do you think the Bitcoin is like a lottery ticket that can make you a millionaire overnight? Some people think on these lines, only to get thoroughly disappointed and frustrated when the reality is quite different. There are people who are so awe-struck by the crypto world that they are willing to let go of their cushy jobs to become professional traders in cryptocurrencies. In most cases, they do not even read about the risks involved or have any idea about what the basics of trading are.

The hard truth is that trading is anything but easy; it is not like trading in stocks. Most traders will fail within a short time and some may even go completely broke. Putting a large amount of money in a secure investment plan and waiting for it to grow with time seems to be a far better option. For an in-depth understanding, you can visit Dchained, which will help you learn everything about bitcoins from basics to trading.

What things should beginners be aware of if they want profits through cryptocurrency investments?

  • To begin with, the crypto world never sleeps and traders keep thinking that if they trade round-the-clock, their prospects will become brighter. However, in reality, this can cause a tremendous amount of trade fatigue and the fear of missing out is what drives traders. So, trading happens on emotions and this can be disastrous.
  • In case of crypto investments there are no fundamentals that investors can learn, because the rules or patterns are not similar to stock markets. When buying stocks, you can always go through the sales reports and quarterly earnings to be sure, but in crypto trading, traders will only have to rely on technical analysis. This is not easy for a beginner. However, the recent inventions of trading bots like bitcoin profit help even the beginners to effectively trade bitcoins.
  • If you have been trading for a while now, you know how to implement stop-loss measures. But experienced traders often complain about not being able to use lucrative opportunities simply because they protected their funds with stop-loss. This prevented them for selling their Bitcoins when the time was right. For beginners, it takes a while to understand how to balance risks and profits.
  • Leverage trading is what most beginners do but this tool is best used by the more experienced traders. Beginners can risk losing everything if they try their hands at leverage trading.
  • Cryptocurrency investments tend to attract people who want to become rich fast, but this is an unrealistic hope. Those who had success stories were perhaps plain lucky, not because of their talent or skills.
  • Crypto coins are not safe investments and when you are not experienced enough, the chances of losing all you have are very high. Since the stakes are huge, you must have crypto only as part of an overall diversified portfolio.
  • The tendency amongst novices is to learn from others like them. So, most beginners take advice from complete strangers online.
  • Another common blunder is that traders often buy more coins when prices drop thinking that this is a wise move because the coins are cheaper. But this logic is flawed; it works only in investments not in crypto trading.
  • When you are staring off investing in cryptocurrencies you have to know risk management techniques. Knowing how many risks you can afford to take on a trade, and how best to balance your trade portfolio is extremely important. This is a time-consuming exercise and most newcomers go broke even before they can identify the risks.


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