Jaguar Land Rover To Stop Launching Any New Models & Here’s Why

According to a report, Jaguar Land Rover will put an end on producing petrol or diesel-only cars. Yes, Jaguar Land Rover has revealed that it will make only electric or hybrid cars from 2020. Jaguar Land Rover’s move to stop launching new models that are solely powered by internal combustion engines came after the Swedish multinational manufacturing company Volvo pledged to so.

Only Electric or Hybrid cars from Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has become the latest large carmaker to have made a commitment to stop the manufacturing of all petrol or all diesel engine vehicles from 2020. Jaguar Land Rover has pledged that all its vehicles will be electric or hybrid from 2020. Jaguar Land Rover consumers will be able to buy any Land Rover SUV (Sport utility vehicles) or Jaguar car as an electric, plug-in hybrid or so-called mild hybrid.

Why did Jaguar Land Rover pledge to stop launching new models?  

Automaker Jaguar Land Rover’s plan to stop launching new models of all petrol or all diesel cars came after the Scottish government’s decision to phase out the need for petrol and diesel cars by 2032. The UK and French governments too have decided to ban sales of new cars with internal combustion engines.

The French, as well as UK governments, have decided to impose a ban on the sale of all petrol and all diesel vehicles by 2040. According to the company spokesperson, every new Jaguar Land Rover model in the complete lineup will be electrified from 2020. This will not only help in a clean and green environment but will also offer even more choice the customers.

Manufacturing of electric cars to start soon 

JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), a subsidiary of the Indian conglomerate Tata, currently does not make electric cars. The company has plans to commence building production versions of its battery-powered four wheelers, especially SUV from next year.

Source: The Guardian


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