Janjhan – Amrinder Gill (Lahoriye Punjabi Movie Song) – Official Video

Amrinder Gill’s new song Janjhan from the Punjabi movie Lahoriye is doing rounds of Internet on Youtube. Janjhan is an awesome song that has the main line as – Janjhan jandiyan de hundiyan Lahore nu, Aa ke Chandiagrh geriyan kyoun marde.

After the songs like ‘Akhar’ and ‘Chunni’ from the upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’, ‘Janjhan’ is another mesmerising song in the movie. This amazing newly released song of Amrinder Gill’s new movie has been sung by Gurpreet Maan. Beats of the songs and the wordings of ‘Janjhan’ will definitely give your ears a soothing pleasure. Amrinder Gill has been seen in the video with Sargun Mehta and they both have a great on screen chemistry. Scroll down to listen to the new Punjabi song ‘Janjhan’ by Amrinder Gill from the movie Lahoriye.

Lahoriye Movie Song ‘Janjhan’

“Janjhan’ song from Amrinder Gill’s Punjabi movie Lahoriye will surely be a treat for you. The song starts with the line- ‘Ja na hundi na 47 vich leek manzor, nuh bebe di leoni c Lahore to zarur’. And the tagline says- ‘janjhan jandyia je hundia Lahore nu, aake Chandigarh gerhian kyoun marde’.

Janjhan - Amrinder Gill's Lahoriye Movie Song

Singer: Gurpreet Maan

Music: Jatinder Shah

Lyrics: Mann Hundal

Starring:  Sargun Mehta,  Amrinder Gill,  Yuvraj Hans, Nimrat Khaira, Guggu Gill, Sardar Sohi and many more.

Movie releasing date: 12th May 2017

The latest song ‘Janjhan’ from the upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Lahoriye’ has a perfect blend of soothing music and an awesome view of Punjab. The audience will also get to enjoy the romance between Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta.

‘Janjhan’ from Lahoriye – Amrinder Gill

Click on the play button to go through the video the latest track of Amrinder Gill’s ‘Lahoriye’.

The song ‘Janjhan’ between the borders will take you to another world of romance. The video of Lahoriye song ‘Janjhan’ has been presented by Amberdeep Productions in association with Rhythm Boyz Entertainment.

Watch the official youtube video and come sing with us Janjhan jandiyan je hundiyan Lahore nu, Aake Chandiagrh gediyan kyoun marde. It means that if wedding baraat could go to Lahore in Pakistan, why would people come for a gedi to Chandigarh. The song is a beautiful composition that shows a similarity between the beautiful cities and beautiful girls of Lahore and Chandigarh in its own way.

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