Jeeondean Ch by Amrinder Gill (Lahoriye Movie Song) – Official Video

Amrinder Gill’s new song Jeeondean Ch from the movie Lahoriye has been released with full video on youtube. Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta have acted so well in the song that one cannot just take his/her eyes off from the video. Although Jeeondean Ch from Lahoriye movie is a sad song but its music is so cool that it makes the song soothing.

The song is like – Sab khoya khoya lagda ae, Dil aakhan thani vagda ae. Rang menu saare fike fike lagde ne, chahe vasdi ae kul duniya.

And the main line of this song by Amrinder Singh is – Jadon tun hunda ae meri aakhan sahmne, ve sachi odhun jeeondean ch hundi aan.

Jeeondean Ch by Amrinder Gill (Lahoriye Movie Song)

The lines of Jeeondean ch will be more clear by listening to the song. Click play to listen to the official song from Lahoriye movie.

Amrinder sinhg’s voice in Lahoriye movie song Jeeondean ch is super awesome. One can feel every bit of the video and can actually imagine all that’s going on in the video.

Jeeondean ch (Lahoriye Movie) Song Details

The movie Lahoriye is set to be released on 12th May, 2017 and it is in the first week of May that the song from the movie titles Jeeondeyan ch has been released by Amrinder Gill.

Song Title: Jeeondean Ch

Singer: Amrinder Gill

Movie: Lahoriye

Music: Jatinder Shah

Lyrics of Jeeondean Ch have been written by Fateh Shergill.

This is not the first song of the movie Lahoriye but with the release of the official video of Jeeondean Ch, Amrinder Singh has surely created a buzz for his upcoming movie Lahoriye.

While we all wait for Lahoriye, let’s sing along the title of the song Jeeondean Ch by Amrinder Singh. The line goes like – Jadon tun hunda ae meri aakhan sahmne, ve sachi odhun jeeondean ch hundi aan.

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