Is Reliance Jio Launching a 4G Laptop? Bookings Started? | Know The Real Truth

“After Jio Phone and JioFi Now its the turn of Jio 4G Laptop and the booking of Jio 4G Laptop has started. Book the Jio 4G Laptop online at Rs.5000.” We are sure that you all have heard about this and if not yet. Then go and search Jio 4G laptop on Google and the answer will be in front of You. You will find many website and blogs that are claiming the Jio 4G laptop booking.

But what’s the truth behind the Jio 4G laptop? Is Reliance Jio is really going to launch the Jio 4G laptop? The Booking of the Jio 4G laptop has started? If it is true how to book the Jio 4G Laptop? If you have these similar questions in your mind then we’ll clear it all with one single answer.

Jio 4G laptop booking – Fake or True

So the answer to the question about the Jio 4G Laptop booking is a “BIG NO”. Don’t take the things serious about the Jio 4G laptop booking. Don’t pay anywhere for the booking of Jio 4G laptop. There are many website and blogs that claim the booking of Jio 4G laptop has started. According to the websites, the booking of the Jio 4G laptop has started. Somewhere it is said that the pre-booking amount of the Jio 4G laptop is Rs.5000 and after the delivery of the laptop rest of the amount will be paid.

And some websites and blogs also have the specifications of the 4G laptop of Jio and images. Talking first about the images of Jio 4G laptop. These images are fake. There is no image of the front side of the laptop. All images are the back side images. At the back panel images, there is a logo of Jio which is totally fake and it is just photoshopped. The price of Jio laptop is also mentioned and the price is Rs.35000. Well, this is totally fake. The laptop is claimed to have a quad-core processor and 8GB RAM.

Official Announcement of New Product

It is clear that whenever a new product is going to launched it is first confirmed by the company. But there is no official confirmation or any hint about the Jio 4G laptop booking by the company. So this is the first thing that makes the news of Jio 4G laptop fake. At the time of Jio Phone launch, the company officially unveiled the phone and then the booking started. So once again, we advise you all not to get involved in this fake news.


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