Kalliyan Kulliyan (Super Singh) Movie Song by Diljit Dosanjh – Official Video

Here comes yet another song ‘Kalliyan Kulliyan’ of Diljit Dosanjh from his upcoming movie Super Singh. The first Superhero Punjabi movie ‘Super Singh’ featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa will be releasing on 16th June 2017. After the romantic song Hawa Vich from the movie Super Singh, Diljit has come up with the dancing number of the movie song Kalliyan Kulliyan.

Super Singh Dijit has voiced the super duper song ‘Kalliyan Kulliyan’, which has been penned by Veet Baljit. The song ‘Kalliyan kulliyan’ from the movie Super Singh has been recorded under the banner of Zee Music Company. Whereas the music of the new song of Diljit’s movie has been composed by Jatinder Shah.

New Song ‘Kalliyan kulliyan’ by Diljit Dosanjh

Kalliyan kulliyan song from the upcoming movie Super Singh is a dance number that would soon be on the top list in every wedding function. The song Kalliyan kulliyan has been picturised on Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa. The shooting of the song has been performed in a wedding, where Diljit Dosanjh tries to impress Sonam Bajwa to marry him.

Super Singh Song Kalliyan kulliyan

Singer: Diljit Dosanjh

Music: Jatinder Shah

Lyrics: Veet Baljit

Label: Zee Music Company

Director: Anurag Singh

Kalliyan kulliyan song starts with old Punjabi folk song ‘Vari vaari varsi khatan gya si’. Further, Diljit Dosanjh starts the song with the line- ‘Ludhihanyo tent kara aanda, baddo walyo band sada aanda’. The tagline of the song says- ‘sab kalliyan kulliyan ho gayi aan sadde vyah di kure tyari a’.

Video of Super Singh song ‘Kalliyan kulliyan’

Watch the video of Superhit song ‘Kalliyan kulliyan’ of the upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Super Singh’.

Loved it? So play it again and groove with Diljit and Sonam with their latest track ‘Kalliyan kulliyan’ from their upcoming movies ‘Super Singh’.

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