Kaspersky’s Free Antivirus Launched Globally | Here’s the Full Schedule of Rollout

Kaspersky was testing its free antivirus in few regions from last one and half year. And now the day has come, the free antivirus from Kaspersky is now launched and available worldwide. Free Kaspersky Antivirus download will be available from the official website of Kaspersky. But wait, this free antivirus of Kaspersky is scheduled region by region for its roll out. Like if you live in Russiam, China or Finland the free antivirus is already available. If you are from India Kaspersky Free antivirus will be available in September.

Kaspersky’s Free Antivirus

All the free software comes with advertisements or if there are no advertisements than the software may have the time period to use for a month trial period. After the trial period, the license expired. But Kaspersky free antivirus is different in all sense. It doesn’t have ads, no trial period. It is totally free for all.

Difference between Kaspersky’s Free Antivirus and Kaspersky’s paid Antivirus

Free antivirus software of Kaspersky does not come with all feature like which are in paid antivirus of Kaspersky. But The free version of Kaspersky antivirus includes all essentials – you can scan files, website traffic and emails, malware, firewall and all installed apps. This will definitely secure your Laptop/PC.

Full Schedule of Rollout of Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Already launched: Kaspersky free antivirus is already launched in these countries – Russia, Ukraine, China, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

In July-August: In US/Canada, Carribean, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, the free Kaspersky ANtivirus will launch in July and August Month.

In Early September: The Free antivirus of Kaspersky will launch in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey in Early September.

Late September: In Late September the free antivirus from Kaspersky will launch in Brazil, LatAm, India, and Hongkong. Kaspersky free antivirus launch in India is set to late September. In India, the antivirus will be downloaded in last days of September.

Early October and Late October: The Kaspersky free antivirus for UK/Ireland, DACH, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Maghreb, Benelux, Eastern Europe will launch in Early October. And the antivirus for Japan and South Korea will launch in late October.

In November: Lastly, the Kaspersky free antivirus for Vietnam and Thailand will roll out in November.

Source – BGR



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