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Karzan Hisham is a person who loves his work and he loves to experiment with it as well. That gives him satisfaction that he is providing his viewers something new and the kind of content they want.

Karzan Hisham is a Youtuber, influencer, video creator, editor,  social media content creator and video director.

Karzan was born on 8 December 1996 in Duhok, Iraq. He has a huge fan base. Not only among the youngsters but also among the people of every age group. He is loved throughout by everyone.

How all this started?

So, all this fandom and him getting popular started with a video which he made just a social experiment. He shot a video where he asked for some money from random strangers for help to travel on the bus. And 90% of the people acted in affirmation. He then put the video on youtube as a memory.  The video basically showed how kind hearted and helping are people of Duhok. 

Soon he started to explore this field further by providing a variety of videos.  He started doing vlogs, adventure videos, lifestyle and traveling related videos.

Karzan is also an influencer. He have a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He won the heart of the fam there by showing the simplicity of his life and he proved being an influencer doesn’t always means to show off.

He says his passion towards his work influenced him to do something new daily. He always try to provide his best to his viewers and keep it real.

You may follow his life and his work on social profiles:




Karzan recently made his appearance in a TV show through his appearance in a media show. There he talked about many important points and gave his views on them.  One of the main point of discussion was work on social media . How social media is one of the top most sources of income. He put forward his views and talked about his way of work  on social media.

Karzan Hisham is a youngster who have big dreams and what’s more bigger is his zeal to live his life to fullest.


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